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Resident parking permit overview

A Resident Parking Permit exempts a resident's vehicle from parking time limits.

However, not every residence in the North Sydney area is entitled to a permit. 

There are three parking zones and the entitlements are different within each zone. The three zones are then divided into Resident Parking Areas. All Resident Parking Permits are only valid for the one area their property is located in.

In most cases, Council issues a digital permit – there is no sticker to attach to your car.

Some physical permits may still be issued, such as Shared Permits which can be shared between two residents of the same dwelling, provided all other eligibility requirements are met.

Parking permits are valid for 12 months from 1 April to 31 March the following year. Renewals are sent out in mid February.

Parking for residents' visitors

Each property is entitled to purchase 30 Visitor Parking Permits a year. Each permit is valid for one day. They can only be used in the same parking area as a standard Resident Parking Permit.

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Check your eligibility for a resident parking permit

If the number of vehicles registered to your property exceeds the number of off-street parking spaces available within the property, you may be entitled to parking permits.

Follow the steps below to check if you are entitled to a parking permit.


  1. Add up all vehicles registered to your address and deduct the number of off-street parking spaces at your property – the resulting number is known as your on-street parking dependence.


  1. Check your property 'parking zone' – Zone A, B or C.
  2. Search the table below for your property type and see how many parking permits are allocated for your parking zone.
  3. Deduct the number of off-street parking spaces on your property to get your reduced 'maximum entitlement'.


  1. Take the lowest number resulting from the two calculations above as your parking permit entitlement.
Property description

Zone A

parking permit 'maximum entitlement'

Zone B

parking permit 'maximum entitlement'

Zone C

parking permit 'maximum entitlement'

Detached house, semi-detached house, boarding house (per building), duplex (per unit) 2 3 3
Attached dwelling (townhouse), three or more bedrooms 2 3 3
Attached dwelling (townhouse), one or two bedrooms 1 2 2

Apartment buildings in Mixed Use Zones (B4), Commercial Core Zones (B3), Special Use Zones (SP1 and SP2) and Neighbourhood Centre Zones (B1) – per unit. This only applies if Development Approval was given before 30/6/98 or Occupation Certificate was given before 30/6/99

1 1 1

Apartment buildings in Mixed Use Zones (B4), Commercial Core Zones (B3), Special Use Zones (SP1 and SP2) and Neighbourhood Centre Zones (B1) – per unit. This only applies if Development Approval was given from 1/7/98 or Occupation Certificate was given from 1/7/99

0 0 0

Three bedroom (or more) apartment buildings outside Mixed Use Zones (B4), Commercial Core Zones (B3), Special Use Zones (SP1 and SP2) and Neighbourhood Centre Zones (B1) – per unit

1 2 2

One and two bedroom apartment buildings outside Mixed Use Zones (B4), Commercial Core Zones (B3), Special Use Zones (SP1 and SP2) and Neighbourhood Centre Zones (B1) – per unit

1 1 2

While this webpage can give an indication of entitlement, contact Council for final advice. 



Contact Council

Our Customer Service Centre operates from 9am to 5pm. Our Council Rangers are on duty and contactable seven days a week from 5.30am to midnight.

Address: Customer Service Centre, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Telephone: (02) 9936 8100

Find your resident parking zone

The North Sydney Council Local Government Area is divided into three resident parking zones – A, B, C – based on demand for parking in these areas.

Zone A  
Zone B  
Zone C  

The three zones are then further subdivided into 33 Resident Parking Areas.

Your parking entitlement is governed by the area your residence is situated within and your permit is only valid for this area.

Check parking signs in your area to ensure they state ‘Resident Vehicles Excepted – Area #’. If the area on your permit is the same as that on the sign, and you are legally parked, then your vehicle may park there indefinitely.

Find your Resident Parking Area in the map below:


Alternatively, download a PDF of the three zones or 33 Resident Parking Areas.



Complete Resident Parking Permit application

If you are applying for a parking permit for your privately-owned vehicle, please ensure you have the required documents before you lodge a Resident Parking Permit application form: 

  • current registration papers with your name and current North Sydney address. If you cannot produce your registration papers, contact Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) through Service NSW and request a new set to be issued.
  • one proof of residential status document, such as:
    • driver licence
    • electoral card/roll
    • residential lease agreement
    • home contents insurance
    • utility bill
    • bank statement.

Fill out the form below and email with your documents or bring them to our Customer Service Centre. All applications must include the applicable fee. 

Resident Parking Permit application form

Parking permits for other types of vehicles may require additional documents to be submitted with your application – please check the list below.

A representative may apply and collect permits on your behalf, but whoever's name is on the application must sign the form.

Please note, current permits cannot be transferred to different vehicles. All permits must be renewed by 31 March. 

Permits for borrowed vehicles

  • current registration papers of the vehicle
  • a copy of the registered owner's licence
  • a letter from the registered owner advising Council of the person who has possession of the vehicle. This must include a full description detailing make, type, year and exterior colour
  • two proofs of residential status documents.

Permits for company vehicles

  • letter on company letterhead advising Council of:
    • the person who has possession of the vehicle
    • the borrower or lessee's address
    • full description of vehicle including make, model, year and colour of vehicle AND
  • two proofs of residential status documents.

Residents in three-bedroom units applying for a second permit in Parking Zone B

  • a copy of the strata title plan, including dimensioned unit floor plan OR
  • a copy of the Council DA consent approval for the property OR
  • a copy of the residential tenancy lease that stipulates the number of bedrooms in the unit (tenants only).

Doctor or care worker parking permit

Fill out Resident Parking form (doctor or care worker) and email with your documents or bring them to our Customer Service Centre.

Resident Parking Permits for vehicles registered interstate

We still need to see current registration documents with your name. If you do not have the original, a photocopy is sufficient. 

Provided all other eligibility requirements are met, the permit will be valid for three months. After three months has lapsed, your car must be re-registered within NSW. There are no extensions to this permit.

Resident Parking Permits for new cars waiting for registration papers to be issued

Registration papers for new cars can take some weeks to arrive. We accept the purchase receipt from the dealership in lieu of the registration papers, but it must have your name, current North Sydney address and registration number on it.

If the vehicle is second-hand, you must provide a receipt from the dealer (as with new vehicles).

Resident Parking Permits and insurance courtesy vehicles

You must supply us with a letter from your insurer or repairer confirming that the vehicle displaying the permit is currently undergoing repairs, and for how long. We can then issue you with a Vehicle in Repair permit for a maximum of one month.

Temporary permits due to building works impacting off-street parking

Temporary permits may be issued if repairs or other building works affect your parking area.




Resident parking permit fees

Parking permits are valid from 1 April to 31 March each year.

Renewals are sent out in February.

Depending on when you apply for the permit, the fee is calculated to the nearest quarter-year.

Every three months, fees are reduced by 25 percent.

Pensioners with an appropriate discount card receive a 50 percent discount.

2023 parking fees

  01/04/23 - 30/06/23 01/07/23 - 30/09/23 01/10/23 - 31/12/23 01/01/24 - 31/03/24
1st permit $73 $60 $40 $20
1st motorbike $55 $45 $30 $15
2nd permit $155 $120 $80 $45
2nd motorbike $115 $90 $60 $30

When purchased in combination with another vehicle, a motorbike or scooter will always be charged as a second permit fee.

No refunds are given for previously purchased permits.

Other permits

Permit Price
Shared Permit sticker (plus applicable standard fee) $21
Standard Permit sticker replacement $40
Shared Permit sticker replacement $52
Vehicle in Repair, and Building Works Permit $17
Tradesman's Permit (maximum 2 weeks) $110 per week
Interstate Permit (3-month permit) $17
Care Worker and/or Doctor's Permit $69
Care Worker and/or Doctor's Permit replacement $38
Go Get and Pop Car Permit $445
Visitor Parking Permits* $2*

*Visitor Parking Permits are free for Aged, TPI, Veteran Affairs and pensioner concession card holders.

Visitor Parking Permits are $1 for Health Card and Seniors Card holders.

Ineligibility for resident parking permits

Additional permits will not be issued.

Council policy aims to deal fairly with all residents. The number of permits issued cannot exceed the amount of actual available on-street parking. Limits are set and adhered to.

Please note the following terms and conditions which may mean you are ineligible for a parking permit:


Ineligible vehicles

Permits are not supplied to caravans, box trailers or boat trailers. The vehicle must not exceed three tonnes.

Oversized vehicles

If an off-street parking space is deemed suitable for a small vehicle, any appeals based on vehicle size will be denied. 

Landlords and Resident Parking Permit

Landlords are not entitled to resident parking, only the resident of the dwelling.

Tenants without access to the available off-street parking space

If a landlord does not make the parking space available to a tenant, the tenant is not entitled to an additional Resident Parking Permit. Tenants, owners and real estate agents should be aware of this when dealing with a rental property. They should be encouraged to make parking spaces at the property available to tenants for their use.

Business owners

Resident Parking Permits are only for residential dwellings and cannot be issued to anyone who does not reside permanently within the North Sydney Council area.

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