Request parking signs or line-marking

Request line-marking

You can apply for line-marking to be installed on the carriageway, on either side of your driveway.

Apply for line-marking

Provided the installation of this line-marking does not remove any on-street parking spaces, approval is made through a minimum four-week delegation process by the North Sydney Traffic Committee.

The cost of installing the lines is covered by the applicant. The lines become your asset and all maintenance costs are your responsibility. 

Find the current cost of installing linemarkings on the Schedule of Rates.

Council gives no guarantee that road works will not take place in the future. This may affect the lines. If roadwork does take place, the occupier can replace the lines and cover any costs.

Line-markings are guides to indicate the limits of the driveway. They are not regulatory lines. Council Rangers can only enforce vehicles parked across the driveway under NSW Road Rule 198.