Holtermann Street Car Park redevelopment

Project overview 

The redevelopment of the Holtermann Street carpark site, adjoining the Crows Nest Community Centre, is to deliver a new contemporary multi-storey underground carpark. A new public park will be located on top of the carpark. 

The proposed elements to be included in the project design are: 

  • a new 207 space (minimum) multi-storey underground carpark 

  • a new 1500 square metre (minimum) public park 

  • a new children’s (all abilities) playground 

  • a new kiosk/cafe and outdoor dining area in the park 

  • a new building interface and facade design to the north face of the Crows Nest Centre 

  • refreshed and upgraded public amenities within the Crows Nest Centre 

  • the incorporation of the existing Crows Nest Centre’s community facilities, services and operations within the overall design 

  • a new building interface to the northern facade of the community centre 

  • a new pedestrian through site link between Holtermann Street, the new park and Ernest Plaza 

  • a new opportunity for a public art space and heritage/historical interpretive elements. 

On 25 October 2021, Council endorsed the Draft Holtermann St Carpark design concepts.



There are three stages to the project’s design consultation. 

  1. Functional Needs Analysis. Tenants of the Crows Nest Centre, car park and occupants of adjacent properties were asked to advise their functional needs for the new facilities. This information informed the Consultant’s preparation of design concepts. 

  1. Public Exhibition of Design Concepts. Three concepts were publicly exhibited inviting feedback (closed 28 February 2022) as to the preferred option or preferred elements of each option. The feedback will inform the final design. All submissions are being collated and analysed and will be reported to Council. View the public exhibition and community consultation

  1. Development Application. The DA will be exhibited in accordance with Council’s Community Engagement Protocol. 

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This project has been enabled through the St Leonards/Crows Nest 2036 Plan announced in August 2020. It included an initiative to underground the Holtermann Street carpark to create more public open space via a new urban park. 

The Holtermann Street carpark is located at 13-25 Holtermann Street, Crows Nest, at the intersection of Holtermann Street and Willoughby Lane. 

This carpark was built in 1983 as part of the Crows Nest Centre development. An additional parking level and lift was installed in 2008.  

The new urban park, proudly funded by the NSW Government, is in an area earmarked for significant growth. This initiative meets both Council and community open space requirements for the St Leonards/Crows Nest Precinct. It will accommodate approximately 16,500 additional jobs and 6700 new homes by 2036. 

The potential opportunities for open space in Crows Nest are acknowledged in the 2036 Plan that identifies 12.7 hectares of public open space in the precinct. The expected population within this precinct is 30,000 people. This approximates to a relationship of 0.4 hectares per 1000 people, well below the standard ratio and provision for open space in Sydney of 2.83 hectares per 1000 people. 

The precinct falls well short of this and needs more public open space given the significant growth planned. 



Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with North Sydney Council.