Metro Station developments

Metro Station developments 

The Sydney Metro City and Southwest project includes two new Metro stations in our area. 

Council is working to ensure this major new transport infrastructure generates the highest possible level of benefit to the North Sydney community, particularly in terms of the public domain, pedestrian safety and amenity, street life and economic activity. We also work with Transport for NSW to minimise local impacts during construction. 

Voluntary planning agreement  

Council endorsed a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement for public exhibition for the Crows Nest Over Station Development.

Crows Nest integrated station development 

Once Sydney Metro received planning approval for Crows Nest Station, approval was sought for the buildings above and adjacent to the station. The State Significant Development application and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) were lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment. 

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 

View this newsletter summarising the purpose and content of the EIS.

Council made a submission to the EIS exhibition process, which was endorsed by Council on 18 July 2016

Sydney Metro Planning Study background 

In response to NSW Government's Metro announcement, Council resolved that the built form, land use and public domain outcomes resulting from the Metro must deliver the highest possible public benefit to the North Sydney community. 

The Sydney Metro Planning Study prepared by Council informs and guides on-going planning and design of the Metro sites and immediate surrounds.

The Study condenses all relevant existing Council policy, identifies opportunities for improved public domain and land use outcomes, and establishes a set of principles to be applied to the ongoing planning and design of the Metro station sites.  

The Study also makes recommendations for further detailed work to be undertaken to inform future Council decision making. 

Central Laneways masterplan 

The Sydney Metro Planning Study recommended that a masterplan be prepared for the small streets and laneways network to the east of the Victoria Cross Metro station. The Study identified the need to ensure that the network can safely accommodate the expected increase in pedestrian activity. This is an opportunity for Council to pursue place-making initiatives that will help foster a unique destination within the North Sydney centre.

The Central Laneways Masterplan draws on existing policy and identifies key moves and opportunities within the precinct that will inform the ongoing planning and design response. The four key moves are to:

  1. Revisit 1 Denison Street approval 

  1. Create a pedestrian priority precinct 

  1. Implement the Brett Whiteley Place concept plan 

  1. Facilitate new spaces and activities. 

Crows Nest Placemaking and Principles Study 

The Crows Nest Placemaking and Principles Study was prepared by Council to inform its input into NSW Government’s strategic planning investigation of Crows Nest, St Leonards and Artarmon industrial areas. NSW Government announced it would undertake a Priority Precinct investigation into the area and prepare a strategy to direct future development and infrastructure provision associated with the Metro station at Crows Nest. 

The Study articulates the community’s aspirations for the area. It proposes a suite of principles and character statements that encourage new well-designed buildings. It highlights the potential of new public transport infrastructure while contributing towards the activity, amenity and character of Crows Nest, St Leonards and surrounds. 

Find out more 

Information about the Metro project is on the Transport for NSW Sydney Metro website.

Sydney Metro works on the Victoria Cross station in North Sydney. Check for any approved out of hours work.