Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycle Ramp

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Design announced April 2022 

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) announced ASPECT Studios as the winner of its competitive design process for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway Northern Access Project and Alfred Street Cycle Path.

The Design Jury report, and feedback analysis of the recent consultation, is publicly available. Decisions on final project scope and design elements are subject to additional engagement with project stakeholders, outcomes of the previous engagement process, future design development, planning and heritage approvals. 


Two design options for a cycle ramp at the northern end of Sydney Harbour Bridge (a double-spiral loop option on Bradfield Park Central and a linear option through Bradfield Park North) were exhibited by the State Government in 2017 and 2021.  

Both designs received strong opposition from the community due to the impacts they would have on the character, amenity and heritage of Bradfield Park. At that time, Council and the community stated that rather than a band-aid solution of a ramp coming down in local streets and through vulnerable parkland, cyclists deserved a legacy project.  

This would be provided by dedicating a lane on the Harbour Bridge (in conjunction with capacity offsets from the new Western Harbour Tunnel). Alternatively, a lift was seen as a less intrusive short-term approach if dedicated space on the Bridge was not feasible at this time. 

Following feedback from an online survey, the NSW Government selected the linear ramp route option through Bradfield Park North. 

TfNSW ran a design competition and shortlisted three concepts for the linear cycle ramp in early 2022. 

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