Feeding native wildlife

Feeding native wildlife can lead to serious problems for both animals and humans. We recommend that people interested in interacting with wildlife install a bird bath and/or create a native habitat garden that attracts birds and animals by providing a range of natural food resources. Our Bushland Team can help with:

Council, along with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, WIRES and Sydney Wildlife Rescue, actively discourage people from feeding wild animals and birds for many reasons:

  • processed seeds, bread and other foods can make animals ill and susceptible to diseases
  • birds and animals that expect to be fed by people can become aggressive
  • hand-feeding can pass on parasites and disease both ways
  • hand-fed birds and animals can lose their ability to forage for natural foods and fail to pass on learnt behaviours to their offspring
  • hand-feeding can cause one species to obtain a higher population than would naturally occur and an artificial increase in a species population can lead to a higher number of predators
  • buildings, gardens and public spaces are often damaged by overfed species, such as sulphur-crested cockatoos and brush turkeys
  • over-feeding can result in a surplus of food that attracts vermin.