Wildlife Protection Areas

Cats are prohibited from entering Wildlife Protection Areas, and dogs must be leashed except in designated areas. The bushland areas of the following five reserves are Wildlife Protection Areas (WPAs):

  • Tunks Park, Cammeray
  • Gore Cove Reserve and Smoothey Park, Wollstonecraft
  • Balls Head Reserve, Waverton
  • Badangi Reserve, Wollstonecraft
  • Folly Point and Primrose Park, Cammeray.

Our Bushland Management Team undertakes trapping programs to remove feral cats from our WPAs. If a domestic cat is trapped, the owner is notified and reminded of their responsibilities. Failure by a cat owner to manage their pet can result in fines up to $880 under the NSW Companion Animals Act (1998) Section 30.

Tunks Park in Cammeray is also a wildlife hotspot. Our Natural Area Survey identified it as the most important reserve in North Sydney for native birds, especially for small bushbirds such as the Superb Fairy-wren, Variegated Fairy-wren, Brown Thornbill, Brown Gerygone, Spotted Pardalote, Eastern Spinebill, Eastern Yellow Robin, Red-browed Finch and Silvereye.

For more information, contact our Customer Service Centre and ask to speak to the Bushland Management Coordinator.

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