Filming and photography

Application fees

An application fee based on the four application categories (below) may apply.

Ultra-low scale productions: $0

  • no more than 10 people at the location
  • drone not permitted
  • no disruption is caused to the Council's stakeholders, retailers or motorists or other events in the vicinity of the activities
  • activities are contained to footways or public open space areas only
  • public safety is maintained at the location at all times during the conduct of the activities
  • vehicles associated with the conduct of the activities are legally parked at all times and are not driven onto footways, parks or plaza areas
  • excludes Wendy Whiteley's Garden.

Low-scale productions: $150

  • 11-25 people at the location
  • drone Permitted
  • no more than four vehicles
  • no construction
  • minimal equipment and lighting
  • small or no unit base required
  • one or two locations only.

Medium-scale productions: $300

  • 26-50 people at the location
  • drone Permitted
  • no more than 10 vehicles
  • some construction
  • equipment used eg. dolly, trucks, medium-sized cranes, jibs
  • unit base required
  • no more than four locations.

High-scale productions: $500

  • more than 50 people at the location
  • drone Permitted
  • more than 10 vehicles
  • significant construction
  • extensive equipment
  • large unit base required
  • greater than four locations.

Additional fees

Additional fees are charged on a cost recovery basis, please refer to the Film and Photography permit for a list of fees.

Council will advise of any additional fees on the application.


In some instances, Council will impose a bond. The amount of the security bond is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Council will advise on the application.

Payment methods

Full payment must be made prior to filming commencing. A tax invoice will be issued on receipt of payment.

Payment options include:

Council charges a 0.75% service fee, inclusive of GST on transactions using Visa & MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid).