Plastic Free Canteen program

Going plastic-free in your school canteen may seem like a huge task, but don't let it overwhelm you.

Hundreds of schools have shown it can be done and our Plastic Free Canteen program will support your school canteen as you work towards eliminating single-use plastic.

We provide the on-ground expertise and have engaged plastic-free canteen consultant Sherene LaGasse from Plastic Nasties.

Sherene has more than nine years of canteen experience in primary and high schools. She’ll develop a tailored program for your school to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic in your canteen. The advice will focus on achievable goals that can be implemented within a calendar school year.

How to get started

  • Encourage your school principal, Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C), relevant school staff and your school community to be involved in the program.
  • Complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Submit an EOI for a Plastic Free Canteen Grant

What happens next?

After registering your interest, Sherene will have an on-site meeting at your school. She will show how to support your school canteen to eliminate or significantly reduce single-use plastic.

Following this, Sherene will prepare her recommendations for Council to review regarding which schools would benefit the most from the plastic free canteen grant program. In 2022, priority funding will be given to schools who aim to eliminate the most single-use plastic from their canteen.

Plastic Free School Canteen webinar

To help you understand what’s possible at your school before your school visit with Sherene, watch a recording of Sherene’s plastic free school canteen webinar hosted by Northern Beaches Council.

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