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Every second Monday, there's a Council waste collection for residential household items that can't go in the red bin.


The allowance for single residences is two cubic metres – the equivalent of a small box-trailer load. There is a 0.5m3 allowance for each unit in multi-unit residences.

Making a booking

Book waste collection online

Call the waste hotline on 1300 799 019 to book over the phone.

Ensure you book by 4pm on the Sunday prior to the collection date.

2024 collection dates

  • Monday 15 January
  • Monday 29 January
  • Monday 12 February
  • Monday 26 February
  • Monday 11 March
  • Monday 25 March
  • Monday 08 April
  • Monday 22 April
  • Monday 06 May
  • Monday 20 May
  • Monday 03 June
  • Monday 17 June
  • Monday 01 July
  • Monday 15 July
  • Monday 29 July
  • Monday 12 August
  • Monday 26 August
  • Monday 09 September
  • Monday 23 September
  • Monday 07 October
  • Monday 21 October
  • Monday 04 November
  • Monday 18 November
  • Monday 02 December
  • Monday 16 December
  • Monday 30 December

Council contracts this service to URM. To facilitate this service, your personal details may be provided to URM who are bound by Council's privacy obligations. For more information, visit our Privacy page

Items accepted

  • clothing
  • china
  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • carpet (in rolls up to 1.2 metres long)
  • small appliances such as microwaves
  • white goods such as a fridge, stove, washing machine, dryer (not more than 90 kilograms). Tape or tie shut the appliance so nothing and no-one can be trapped inside. Alternatively, detach the door
  • small glass up to one metre long (wrap and tape up).

Items not accepted

  • e-waste
  • kitchen food scraps
  • soils, stones, concrete, building waste such as kitchen/laundry/bathroom and other renovation material/rubble, treated timber, wooden or other type pallets
  • liquid waste, paint
  • bean bags
  • motor vehicle body and parts including tyres
  • oversized items such as Hills Hoists, baths, sinks, vanities, laundry tubs/sinks, toilets, commercial-size fridges, pianos, etc.
  • recyclable materials such as cardboard and glass
  • large glass more than one metre long (such as windows, mirrors)
  • green waste – please book a garden waste pick up.
  • hot water heaters
  • building materials

How to present items for pick-up

  • Items must not be placed out earlier than the Sunday before the Monday collection.
  • Put items outside the property boundary, or within two metres of an entrance.
  • Large items and white goods should be put on a main street frontage and not in a rear laneway. A large truck needs access to them.
  • Small, light items should be put in unwanted containers such as cardboard boxes. These will be taken as part of the clean-up.


The allowance for single residences is two square metres – the equivalent of a small box-trailer load. There is a 0.5-cubic metres allowance for each unit in multi-unit residences.

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