We want to empower our residents to improve their recycling practices, live more sustainably, and work towards becoming a zero-waste community.

So we’ve engaged on-demand collection service RecycleSmart, who will pick up two bags of hard to recycle items from your doorstep for free!

To book a ReycleSmart pick up:

  1. Download the RecycleSmart App.
  2. Subscribe for a free Power Pickup or book a one-off pickup for $15 per bag (minimum 2 bags).
  3. Fill a shopping bag with your “non-bin” items.
  4. Place the bag/s outside your building near the letterboxes on the pickup date before 8am. The RecycleSmart team will come to your doorstep and ensure your waste is properly recycled. RecycleSmart weigh every bag they collect, so you can keep track of your recycling records!
  5. If your bags aren’t collected by 2pm on the pick up day please contact RecycleSmart at
  6. If items were left in the bag, they are likely not accepted.

The RecycleSmart App also provides specific and localised information on how to correctly dispose of over 250 waste items.

Get the RecycleSmart App

For more information, visit the RecycleSmart website or email

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Recycling directory

Check out our A-Z recycling directory to find out what to do with those tricky-to-recycle items like light globes and batteries.

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