Heritage Maintenance Enquiry

The Heritage Maintenance approval is a process where maintenance works to heritage items or properties within heritage conservation areas can be approved without the need for a development application.

Council will consider applications for works that would be considered exempt development under the below subdivisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

  • Subdivision 26 Minor building alterations (internal)
  • Subdivision 27 Minor building alterations (external)

Proposed replacement materials must be like for like or a finish that will improve the heritage character of the premises.

Please note that Council must be satisfied that the works are of minor nature and are for the maintenance of a heritage item and would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the property.

The documents outlined below are required for Council to review these applications:


Small scale works

Low impact works that are cosmetic in nature and allow for the conservation of properties such as, painting existing painted surfaces, minor repair and replacement of damaged material, repair of fences, repointing of masonry and brickwork.

Required information:

  • a set of architectural plans or annotated photographs
  • covering note explaining the works  
  • estimated cost of works  
  • details of the materials to be employed, paint code colour,  code colour name or manufacturers details


Minor works

More substantive works such as replacement of materials/damaged fabric with like for like, such as roofing materials, windows, decking, flooring and services upgrade.   

Required information:

  • architectural plans 
  • Report of Heritage Impact and Environmental Effects  
  • cost estimate  
  • schedule of materials  
  • existing photographs