Heritage Properties in North Sydney

Properties that have significant architectural merit, social history, aboriginal history, industrial history or landscape value to the North Sydney area are categorised as Heritage or Conservation-listed in five categories:

  1. Heritage Item
  2. Conservation Area
  3. Contributory Item (within a Conservation Area)
  4. Neutral Item (within a Conservation Area)
  5. Uncharacteristic Item (within a Conservation Area)


What Planning Controls Apply to Heritage Listed Properties?

Heritage Planning provisions are contained in clause 5.10 of NSLEP 2013.

Additional controls are listed in Section 13 to Part B of NSDCP 2013.


Is my Property part of Heritage?

Heritage properties within our area are shown on the Heritage Map - view the map

(Click the Map Overlays button and tick the LEP 2013 Heritage checkbox)


Heritage Planning Advice

Email Council's Planning Development Advisor council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au


Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets answer some of the frequently asked questions about heritage properties, these include 'Living with Heritage' and the 'Statement of Heritage Impact' which are both available to download below.


Heritage Property Maintenance Advice

In the instance of Heritage items, maintenance can be approved without the need to obtain formal development consent under the provisions of Clause 45 (2) of the LEP. This clause requires that a person intending to undertake maintenance to a heritage item must seek approval in writing from Council and receive confirmation (also in writing) that the works can be carried out without consent. When a letter is received permitting the maintenance to be carried out, no further application/ consent is required from council.

Examples that require written permission from Council include:

  • External painting of Heritage items or premises in a Conservation Area
  • Replacement of roofing, external windows
  • Airconditioning - if the airconditioner will be visible externally

If the activity or land use is not listed in either of the above schedules of the LEP, then Development Consent is required from Council.

If you are unsure of whether you need written permission or formal approval from Council, please email details to Council's Planning Advisor for confirmation.


Other Heritage Web Sites

Access the heritage inventory for our area online.  


The NSW Heritage Office allows you to search the Heritage Register for state listed heritage items as well as the Heritage Inventory for items listed in the North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013. These contain the Heritage Database sheets for North Sydney LGA, as well as links to practising heritage architects and planners.

Also, the Australian Heritage Commission - (to search the Register of the National Estate), Teaching Heritage (a NSW Education Department teaching Resource), The National Trust of Australia (NSW) and the Ian Evan's World of Old Houses (a guide to caring for and restoring your old house).

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