Heritage property protection and regulations

Heritage property maintenance

If you wish to carry out minor maintenance on a Heritage Item property, you can request approval from Council by writing to us. If we confirm Council approval in a written response to you, there's no need to submit a formal Development Application (under Clause 45 (2) of the LEP).

Examples of maintenance work that require written permission from Council include:

  • external painting of Heritage Items or premises in a Conservation Area
  • replacement of roofing or external windows

If we don't provide written consent for the works, you may need to submit a Development Application, which is required for most changes to the land, buildings and structures on the site of heritage items. 

Our planning advisors can provide more guidance.

Submit a Heritage Maintenance enquiry

If you do need to submit a Development Application, you will need to provide a Statement of Heritage Impact unless advised otherwise by Council. Read the guidelines for preparing a statement of heritage impact.

A Conservation Management Plan may be required for major work to heritage items and work to heritage items of state and regional significance.

NSW Planning Portal

All development applications, planning proposals, and applications for some development certificates must be submitted via the NSW Planning Portal.

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