Strategic Planning

St Leonards / Crows Nest Planning Study

A hotspot for employment and cosmopolitan living, view plans for the area.

Hume Street Park

View the Hume Street Park concept design and options.

ESD Best Practice Project

This ground breaking project has been implemented,

Going for growth in North Sydney

Planning and upgrades in the North Sydney CBD...

Council Development Strategies

Investigate our Local Development Strategy and the Residential Development Strategy here.

Design Excellence Panel

Encouraging high quality architecture and best practice urban design.

Crows Nest Placemaking & Principles Study

Information related to the proposed Crows Nest Metro station, and the Priority Precinct.

Economic Development Strategy

Council's vision for economic development

Education Precinct upgrade

Living Campus - transforming the education precinct into a popular and easy to reach destination.

Alfred Street Planning Study

Current status of redevelopment planning for this precinct.

Military Road Corridor Planning Study

Working on the future character and urban outcomes for this area.

Northern CBD Planning Study

Area to the north of our CBD is a key area for development, and thus requires a study to guide that.