Buying or Changing an Existing Business

Land in North Sydney is zoned for particular uses. If you are opening a new business please check with Council that the business complies with the land zoning. If you are buying or changing a food business, hairdressing or beauty salon or a business involving skin penetration, you need to register your details with Council.

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When do I need a Development Approval?

If you want to do building work on your property - erect a new building or increase existing floorspace - you will need to lodge a development application (DA). Before preparing plans you should consult Council's Planning Advisor who will advise you about the various controls which apply, eg. special requirements for buildings (including fences) in Heritage Conservation Areas.

Generally speaking, all building and demolition work requires an approval from Council. There are two approvals required for most work and they are in the form of Development Consent and, unless the work is only demolition, a Construction Certificate.

Some less minor works may fall under the category of "Complying Development", and in this case you will only require a Complying Development Certificate.

There are some exceptions to these rules, and they are known as "Exempt Development".

Generally speaking, a development application is required to undertake the following works:

  • Construct a new building or structure, including outbuildings, swimming pools, retaining walls etc;
  • add to or alter an existing building;
  • demolish a building;
  • demolish or alter a building or place that is a heritage item or lies within a Heritage Conservation Area;
  • change the use of an existing building or premises to another use;
  • subdivide land or strata subdivide a building;
  • display or construct an advertising sign;
  • carry out earthworks, excavation or filling.

If you are thinking about developing a commercial premises, phone 9936 8100 for a free consultation with a planning advisor.

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