Planning Enquiry

Application Conditions

In NSW, the majority of planning and development may fall into the following categories:

  • Exempt Development
  • Complying Development
  • Development Application

Please complete this form for Council to assign the best internal resource to help you with your planning/development enquiry.

To ensure that our Planning Advisers have enough details about your project to assist you, please have as much information of the following type as you can to submit to us:

  • any available plans, drawings, measurements, shadow diagrams or any other material that outlines your intended works
  • any photos of the site, property frontage, neighbour views, affected fences or boundaries, driveway and parking access etc that gives the adviser a good overview of the site and areas that may be altered by the intended works
  • if you are acting on behalf of a company, we will ask for your ABN

Please also keep in mind that without the ability to conduct a full assessment, Council will only be able to provide limited advice. Our staff will endeavour to assist with information as accurately as they can, however this will inevitably not be able to consider everything that may affect your development at the initial enquiry stage.

If you require information about North Sydney and its Planning controls, you may find the following useful: