Public Art Policies, Plans and Guides


The North Sydney Public Art Policy fosters the creation of high-quality public art in North Sydney, ensuring a commitment to excellence, innovation and diversity, enhancing and enriching the visual appearance, sense of civic identity and liveability of North Sydney and its environs. 

It promotes, emphasises and complements the desirable aspects, intrinsically unique qualities and ambient sense of place of North Sydney's public spaces. The policy encourages the inclusion of art and artists as a valuable and implicit part of North Sydney’s civic planning, design and development processes, and those of its commercial and business sector.

In line with the North Sydney Public Art Policy and Council’s vision to shape a progressive, vibrant and diverse North Sydney community, Council developed the North Sydney Public Art Trail Masterplan 2017. The Masterplan is a significant placemaking, cultural development and tourism initiative, providing a high-quality public art experience which celebrates the uniqueness of the locality.




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