Small Grants Program


Funding is available to local not-for-profit community organisations with one-off projects and services for our local residents.

Funding amounts are generally in the range of $500 to $2000, and should be seen as a contribution rather than a commitment to fund an entire project.

Funding is non-renewable.


Applications for 2021-2022 have now closed and successful applicants will be advised in July 2021


Application Process

  • Please read the Small Grant Guidelines (70KB) to determine if your organisation and project is eligible to receive funding.
  • Please read our D4-07 Community Grants and Subsidies Policy (126KB)
  • Please note that hardcopy application forms are not accepted - you must submit your application using the online application form (available here when the funding round is open).
  • Prepare information regarding your project proposal, budget information and supporting documents.
  • Complete your online application form prior to the closing date.
  • Further information: please contact the Community & Arts Administration Officer, Community Development, on 9936 8100 or email



Successful Small Grants recipients 2020-21

Previously successful new and innovative applications are below.


Early Education Inc. Active Toddlers in Outdoor Spaces / Social Media

This project will produce social media information for families and particularly will support families of children with delayed development and a disability as well as the needs of children aged 0-4 years of all abilities. The information will support families to know how to engage their child in play, in ways that support early development and learning, while being active, particularly while out in the outdoor spaces of North Sydney. It will help families make use of the current useful community resources such as parent websites and “A Place to Play” Playground Guide for North Sydney Council and “Every One Can Play Guidelines 2019” for inclusion in play spaces.


Gidget House North Sydney - Bunny Book Project

Gidget Foundation Australia (GFA) supports expectant and new parents experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety via its programs. The Bunny Books are a collection of four stories for children, but with psychological strategies to help parents. The Bunny Books have each been written based on different techniques to help new parents with common problems that arise, equipping them with what they need to step into parenthood happily and powerfully. The strategies addressed include tackling insomnia, discovering the power of gratitude, managing anxiety and fear and overcoming low motivation. Existing or new Gidget House Northern Sydney clients will be gifted a set and in addition the Gidget Foundation will provide five (5) sets of Bunny Books to Stanton Library for local families to borrow. To launch this, a Gidget Foundation Psychologist could perform a reading of the Bunny Books at the library and invite local families and Mothers Groups to attend.


Greenway Tenants Group

The Community Centre at Greenway provides services to residents such as an internet cafe, a food distribution service, office services, a library and kitchen. Greenway has 400 residents who are disadvantaged citizens and need food assistance. The Community Centre kitchen serves hot meals cooked in the centre kitchen on Tuesdays. OZHarvest on Wednesday and Saturday and pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches on other days.


Kidsnest Crows Nest Occasional Care

Zumba Dance Classes for children and families in care. The project will run for 16 weeks and will be held at Kidsnest from 11am-11.45am. Families who attend the centre will be able to participate in the Zumba classes with their children and socialise at lunchtime afterwards.


Lower North Shore Child and Family Interagency

Crows Nest Safe Village Project will facilitate two events centred on healthy family relationships. The two events will engage well known speakers and authors to speak about families, parenting and healthy relationships. The events will be held next financial year and will be open to the general public in Crows Nest.


Lower North Shore Domestic Violence Network

A need has been identified for a comprehensive guide for workers seeing clients in the community and who suspect that their clients may be experiencing domestic/family violence. The intention of the guide is to help the workers understand what their clients may be experiencing and to help them to assist these clients with appropriate advice and referrals to services.  A similar resource has recently been developed for services in the Eastern Suburbs and permission has been received to reprint with the required alterations to provide accurate service provider and referral information for North Sydney.


Neutral Bay Senior Citizens Club Inc.

Neutral Bay Seniors Volunteer Screening and Training - the aim of this project is to both upskill volunteers while also undertaking relevant screening. Volunteers will be advised in writing of changes to local policies and the introduction of police checks. They will then have three months to complete the check. Training will also be offered to all volunteers with a focus on customer service and engaging with the community.


North Shore Community Band Inc.

The Community Band currently has a band for complete beginners and wants to start a second band for people in the community who once played a musical instrument but haven’t played for many decades, i.e. those adults who played an instrument at school and then life took over. The second band will target adults with a marketing plan and encouragement to rekindle their music and come together with like-minded music makers in the community. A dedicated weekly session for the second band will be funded by this grant and would help to cover operational costs such as conductor, music, hall hire and insurance. 


Oz Harvest NEST (Nutrition Education Skills Training)

The Nest project is a public health nutrition education program that brings together isolated and marginalised community members over educational group activities and will be delivered to Greenway residents with the aim to effecting long-term behaviour change. The toolkit of resources is targeted to low socio-economic status and low literacy adults and a qualified nutritionist will deliver the program over six weeks to a group of 6-15 participants. Each weekly session is 2.5 hours and features a key theme around healthy eating and all ingredients and kitchen equipment is included as well as post program resources including a NEST Cookbook, meal planning resources, and an evidence-based WOOP (Wish-Outcome-Obstacle-Plan) goal setting and behaviour change tool. 


Persian Morning Tea (auspiced by Crows Nest Centre)

Persian Morning Tea is held monthly, on the third Saturday of most months. It targets Farsi speaking residents of North Sydney and surrounding areas and aims to create social inclusiveness and connectedness. The group comes together over morning tea, sharing a cuppa and cultural food, listens to topical guest speakers, watches original films, connects with writers and scholars from across the world.


Phoenix House Youth Services

Fun Foodies aims to target youth 'at-risk' as well as CALD background youth residing in the local community area. The project sits within living skills program that helps to prepare young people for more independent living. The idea to deliver the project within Fun Friday curriculum - there are Fun Foodies sessions scheduled and supervised by the program manager.


Reach your Potential (auspiced by Crows Nest Centre)

Reach Your Potential: Employability Workshops for Skilled Migrants involves six half day workshops for migrants from North Sydney and surrounding areas and aims to enhance job application skills to improve their ability to find employment in Australia. The program is currently in its eighth year (Program 14) and focuses on participants getting jobs that utilise the qualifications they brought to Australia rather than "just getting any job”.


St Vincent de Paul

St Vincent de Paul has people contact them who are at risk of eviction because of rental arrears, others spending 70% of their income on rent and others who are homeless, sick or already evicted on to the street. The need is for an immediate solution of 3-7 nights accommodation, while a longer-term solution can be found with the housing agency.


Taldumande Youth Services

Taldumande Youth Services runs a high-demand Intensive Family Support Program which provides specialist case management support to children and young people aged 12-15 years and their families during a crisis. The aim is to help preserve family relationships and offer intensive, flexible and practical support with the intention of reducing family breakdown.  Whilst accommodating at the Under 16s Refuge in Crows Nest, clients have limited financial resources and rely heavily on Centrelink as they are often disconnected from their families as a means of support. This program helps provide clients the financial means to improve their overall well-being and fulfillment by enabling them to achieve their personal development, educational, employment and independent living goals. Taldumande requires additional support to cover the cost of weekly food and groceries supplies for up to five young people at one time with three meals a day, seven days a week.


The Chinese Christian Church English Classes

The English classes are designed to help people in the community from different cultural backgrounds improve their English. It is open for anyone in the local area who wants to learn English. The English classes aim to help migrants improve their English competence and develop their confidence in order to thrive in the Australian society. The classes also help to build a sense of community both within the classes and beyond with improved English confidence. Classes are held during school term on Monday mornings.


The Shepherd Centre

‘Talk Together’ is a group program designed to educate and support parents of children who have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss who live in North Sydney. It seeks to provide parents with the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to support their child by developing listening, speech and language skills. ‘Talk Together’ creates a supportive, caring and stable environment for families through group discussions and activities between parents. Families are given a regular platform to exchange their feelings and concerns and to seek guidance from Child and Family Counsellors. Educating parents about hearing loss and supporting them at the start of their journey is the foundation of the transformative outcomes for children attending The Shepherd Centre. ‘Talk Together’ also includes access an online portal which has resources and modules that the family can complete at home. This empowers them with the skills and knowledge to turn everyday activities into listening and language learning opportunities for their child.


Sports and Wellbeing - successful applications


The Kirribilli Centre - Yoga for Everybody

This program targets people in the community who are either senior, financially disadvantaged or who are socially isolated and some who have self-esteem problems who are not attending health classes that could greatly improve their mental and physical wellbeing. The classes are being delivered by a qualified mental health and social counsellor who is also a qualified yoga teacher. This Yoga class is designed for those in our community who don't fit the 'norm' and who feel isolated and uncomfortable attending 'traditional' yoga classes.


1st North Sydney Scout Group - personal locator beacons for adventurous activities

This Scout group is very active in the community and currently has 115 children and youth participating weekly. Regular adventurous activities for Scouts (10-14) and Venturers (14-17) such as bushwalking or canoe trips go into remote environments for 2-4 days. For the safety of all participants the groups need to be appropriately equipped with safety equipment. This includes UHF radios, GNSS (GPS) and Personal Locator Beacons (PLB). Currently there is only one PLB in the Scout Group which limits the number of Groups that can go out at any one time. This funding will go towards another two PLB for the Scout Group.


Cammeray Croquet Club

There have been a number of security incidents at the club in 2019 with theft of cash and provisions from within the clubhouse and sheds, as well as vandalism to equipment. This funding will go towards the installation of security cameras that commence recording when movement is detected and where the captured video is uploaded to an internet-connected computer. One camera is to be mounted inside the clubhouse and one externally. This project will help to protect Club assets, deter criminal activity, and reassure members about their safety when on Club premises. Signage will also be installed.




Reminder: Acquittal Reports are due by 30 June each year for funding that was received for the previous financial year.


Grant Acquittal Form for Community Organisations (Word) (111KB)

Grant Acquittal Form for community Organisations (PDF) (96KB)

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