Small Grants Program

Funding for local community organisations...

Each year, funding is available to not-for-profit organisations to provide services to our local residents.

Funding amounts are generally in the range of $500-2000, and should be seen as a contribution rather than a commitment to fund the entire service.


Application Process

  • Please read the Small Grant Guidelines (70KB) to determine if your organisation and project is eligible to receive funding.
  • Please read our D4-07 Community Grants and Subsidies Policy (126KB)
  • Please note that hardcopy application forms are not accepted - you must submit your application using the online application form (available here when funding round is open).
  • Prepare information regarding your project proposal, budget information and supporting documents.
  • Complete your online application form prior to the closing date.
  • Further information: please contact the Community & Arts Admin Officer, Community Development, on 9936 8100 or email


Applications for 2020/21 are NOW OPEN...


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closing date13 March 2020



Successful Small Grants in 2019/20

Early Education Inc.

This project will deliver 4 -6 inclusive Baby Rhyme Time sessions at Stanton Library for babies with disabilities. Families of babies with disabilities don’t always get to access community services because they are busily involved with interventions or don’t feel comfortable joining a mainstream group such as library activities. The sessions will primarily be run by Early Ed who will join together Stanton Library Youth and Kids Team and capacity build both families and community to be able to access library services and adapt sessions or resources as required. The project will also fund collaborative planning and marketing for these events in the community.


Gidget Foundation Australia

Gidget Foundation Australia supports expectant and new parents experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety via its programs. professional psychological support services are available for pregnant women and new parents suffering perinatal depression and anxiety. At present, families that are located within 20 kilometres of a Gidget House are eligible for free face to face psychological counselling sessions. However, the proposed project would make provision for those families with multiple births, who live within the North Sydney LGA to access free support from a Gidget House perinatal mental health specialist, via video call. This service is not something that is currently available under Medicare for such clients residing within the North Sydney LGA.


Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Sydney

This is an amateur performing arts group, who specialises in Gilbert and Sullivan productions, with a small management committee and volunteer base. The group performs at Shore School in North Sydney (students are involved in the Production) as well as RSL Anzac Village, and community halls. The group provides excellent training in all aspects of stagecraft for performers who may go on to a career in opera and musical theatre. The Ensemble style of the productions provides the chorus with experience in singing with an orchestra as well as providing opportunities to learn and develop skills in characterisation and stagecraft. This year’s production is The Mikado, a light operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. We will spend 4 months rehearsing, twice a week and 1 month presenting the show with additional time to design and build sets, costumes and props.


Greenway Tenants Group

The Community Centre at Greenway provides services to residents such as an internet cafe, a food distribution service, office services, a library and kitchen. Greenway has 400 residents who are disadvantaged citizens and need food assistance. The Community Centre kitchen serves hot meals cooked in centre kitchen on Tuesdays. OZHarvest on Wednesday and Saturday and pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches on other days.


Kidsnest Crows Nest Occasional Care

This project will contract dancing and movement teachers from "Pistachio Music" dancing school. The project will run for 24 weeks and during the classes, families will be able to stay with their children and interact with other families or participate in the class with their child. This project will assist groups such as children and their mothers, new migrants, the financially disadvantaged and those who may have a physical or intellectual disability. The project provides a safe and secure place for families to congregate and build supportive networks. Kidsnest families often share with us how lonely they feel and how hard it is to make new friends.


Link Housing

The Let's Get Physical and Arty project will specifically target residents of the social housing properties owned by North Sydney Council and who are social housing residents. The project will involve the provision of Tai Chi and Art classes alternating each week to be held in either a park or the community room in 17 Nicholson St, Crow’s Nest. There will be 30 sessions with each one followed by a supported social get together with staff from Link Housing to discuss shared issues that residents would like to discuss. This could include; overall health and wellbeing, location based issues, community based issues or their social housing tenancy.


Lower North Shore Domestic Violence Network

The LNS DV Network aim is to provide awareness and education to the community addressing the issue of Domestic Violence in the North Shore. The Network works closely with DV support services to develop resources which will aid in supporting people experiencing domestic and family violence. A need has been identified for a comprehensive yet concise guide to financial information re services, entitlements, etc. for those considering leaving an abusive relationship. It is proposed to develop a resource in brochure form with information plus a checklist to assist the planning process.


Lower North Shore Child and Family Interagency

The Lower North Shore Child and Family Interagency have compiled a brochure featuring relevant services that support children and families in the Lower North Shore. This has primarily been available for the interagency members, however an opportunity has been seen to make this resource available to new parents (and the general public) who would benefit from having this information available. This project would involve the update and printing of the brochure to distribute to relevant organisations in the Lower North Shore.


Neutral Bay Senior Citizens Club Inc.

Volunteers run this centre 5 mornings per week and the community, especially seniors, are provided with computer, iPad, tablet, Smartphone, and iPhone lessons. We have an internet cafe and a printing facility. This funding will be used to cover the cost of printer cartridges, paper and other equipment required to maintain the printers and computer equipment in good working order.


North Shore Community Band Inc.

This Community band is the only music ensemble on the north shore which is truly accessible to all, regardless of playing ability or previous music experience. They aim to provide support, advice and encouragement to adults of all ages who want to learn to play a musical instrument. Music cuts across social divides, cultures and ages. Much of the recent interest is amongst older adults whose children have grown up and who are seeking new leisure opportunities and ways to meet others. The community band has at least four community performances each year and attracts musicians beyond school parents, reaching out to the entire local community.

This funding will go towards the Beginner Stream, half an hour before the main rehearsal to allow absolute beginners try a new instrument, learn the basics and have some smaller group attention from our conductor. This funding will allow the Beginners group to continue.


North Sydney Community Centre

Breaking the Man Code is an experimental workshop that explores the impact stereotypes have on men, creating a unique conversation about the journey to re-writing the rules on what it means to be a man. The workshop is an engaging and impactful two hours of casual and honest conversation exploring where the current man code has taken men and what tomorrow’s man might look like. Breaking the Man Code is delivered by highly skilled facilitators from Melbourne based organisation ‘Tomorrow Man’. The project encourages participants to effectively manage their mental health and as a result notice significant improvements in quality of life, increased capacity to support family and friends and perform at their best.


Northside Baptist Church

The project is the installation of a small 'street library' on Church property in the heart of Crow’s Nest (adjoining Ernest Place). Funding will go towards the purchase of the street library and mounting post and installation in the church garden area, which is accessible to the general public.


Persian Morning Tea (auspiced by Crow’s Nest Centre)

Persian Morning Tea is held monthly, on the third Saturday, for eight months. It targets Farsi speaking residents of North Sydney. It aims to create social inclusiveness and connectedness. The group comes together over morning tea, shares some food, listens to topical guest speakers, watches original films, and connects with writers and scholars across the world.


Phoenix House Youth Services

The Resourceful Adolescents Program aims to prevent the development of problems that are common in youth; including depression, disengagement, bullying, social isolation. We aim to help early teens deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety and teaching participants to regulate and self soothe their emotions. It will also equip them with problem solving strategies, boosting resilience and self-confidence and will address psychological risk factors at the individual, family and academic level. The program will be facilitated by trained Youth Development Specialists and implemented over 10 consecutive sessions using a talking circles format.


Reach your Potential (auspiced by Crows Nest Centre)

The Reach Your Potential - Employability Skills for Migrants program involves a series of 6 half day workshops for migrants living in North Sydney with professional skills which enables the participants to get jobs that utilise the qualifications they brought to Australia rather than "just getting any job". The program builds skills in identifying strengths and matching skills and experience to job requirements, defining career goals, searching for jobs, building powerful resumes and effectively presenting at interviews. For the last two years volunteer mentors (experienced business people from the local area) have been recruited to provide advice and support to each individual participant in applying the program skills to their own job search. These mentors continue to work with them until they find a job. Participants also build networks by meeting with other migrants and gain business and industry knowledge through the mentor group. 


SMART Recovery Australia

This funding will assist to cover the venue costs in running a free weekly addiction recovery meeting for all addictions on Monday evenings at The Kirribilli Centre. SMART Recovery relies on cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational interviewing to provide those in addiction recovery with a vast array of proven techniques and strategies for building motivation, coping with urges, overcoming obstacles, and working on the underlying issues fuelling their addictive behaviour.


St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent de Paul has people contact them who are at risk of eviction because of rental arrears, others spending 70% of their income on rent and others who are homeless, sick or already evicted on to the street. The need is for an immediate solution of 3-7 night’s accommodation, while a longer-term solution can be found with the housing agency (now St George Housing in the Nth Syd area).


Sydney Multicultural Community Services

This project aims to both engage and draw attention to the multicultural community which is in North Sydney. The term multicultural is used to reflect culture broadly and the Multicultural Mural project will reflect diversity in relation to age, ability, socio-economic status, family background, sexuality and gender. This project demonstrates an alignment with such Council strategies and will add to the cultural richness of the North Sydney Community.

Funds will be used to employ an artist who will co-ordinate the input for the content of the mural and the painting of the mural. They will interact with the clients of Sydney MCS, Staff, Educators and families involved in Family Day Care, other local organisations and members of the community to get input into the content. Neighbours and community members will be consulted about the content. Several sessions will be undertaken to develop ideas.


Taldumande Youth Services

Taldumande accommodates up to five young people at one time at the youth refuge including three meals a day, seven days a week. Taldumande clients have limited financial resources and rely heavily on Centrelink as they are often disconnected from their families as a means of support. This program helps provide our clients the financial means to improve their overall well-being and fulfillment by enabling them to achieve their personal development, educational, employment and independent living goals. Taldumande requires additional support to cover the cost of weekly food and groceries supplies.


The Chinese Christian Church

The English classes are designed to help people in the community from different cultural backgrounds improve their English. It is open for anyone in the local area who wants to learn English. The English classes aim to help migrants improve their English competence and develop their confidence in order to survive in the Australian society. The project hopes to help build a sense of community within the classes and beyond with their improved English competence. The classes during school term on Monday mornings.


The Kirribilli Centre – Social Wellbeing for Seniors

This project is to get socially isolated seniors in our community together, in a casual social setting, at TKC, once a month for the next few months. Provision of venue, food, and staff to facilitate such an event. It is apparent that there are many socially isolated seniors who need to interact, meet new people, make friends, and most importantly put their wellbeing and mental wellbeing first. It has been proven that seniors who interact with others, are better off both physically and mentally.

Acquittal Reports

For previous funding that was received for the 2019-120 Financial year - due date 30 June 2020.

Grant Acquittal Form for Community Organisations (Word) (111KB)

Grant Acquittal Form for community Organisations (PDF) (96KB)

Grant Acquittal Form for Cultural Organisations (Word) (111KB)

Grants Acquittal Form for Cultural Organisations (PDF) (98KB)

Posted on 18 December 2019

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