Customer Service


Call Centre 9936 8100

Many customers are unable to visit Customer Service Centre, so Council offers an extensive Call Service Centre: 9936 8100, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Our aim is to provide our telephone customers with a high level of service by ensuring that our Call Centre staff are able to answer the majority of your questions at the first point of contact. Where this is not possible, your call will be transferred to another Council Officer if available. If the Officer is not available, your request will either be forwarded to the Officer via our Customer Action Request Form or by email. To ensure that our staff are in a better position to provide you with a comprehensive answer to your enquiry, our Call Centre staff will ask for full details to be passed on.


Christmas / New Year 2018

Closed Monday 24 December at midday.

Closed Monday 31 December at 4pm.


National Relay Service

Contact us through the National Relay Service. Give our number 9936 8100 you want to call.


Customer Service Centre 

The Customer Service Centre aims to provide customers with prompt, accurate information and advice in a friendly environment. Our approachable team of Customer Service Officers will be able to answer most of your enquiries.

Enquiries range from the lodgement of Development Applications and associated building works, to requests for resident parking stickers, detailed information on rates and requests for waste collection.

All payments can be made to Council cashiers who are available between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to receive payments by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.


Development Applications

Pre-lodgement advice is available from the Call Centre and the Planning & Development Advisor. Call Centre staff will take the details of your enquiry and forward them to the Planning & Development Advisor who will return your call within 24 to 48 hours. If your enquiry relates to a current DA, the Call Centre staff may be able to assist you in the first instance. Otherwise, our Planning Officers are available to take calls between 9.30am to 11am, Monday to Friday.

Read general information about the DA process here, obtain DA details through DA Application Tracking.

The lodgement of DAs is a lengthy process requiring additional administration before they can be passed on for assessment at 9am the next day. To allow adequate time for lodgement, it is requested DAs be presented before 4.30pm.

Please note that Customer Service closes at 5pm.


Justice of the Peace

We have the following Justice of the Peace (JP) services and hours

  • witnessing Statutory Declarations
  • affidavits
  • certifying true copies of original documents.

A maximum of 10 documents can be presented.


JP Hours - Council Customer Service

Tuesday      2pm - 4pm
Wednesday 2pm - 4pm
Thursday     2pm - 4pm


JP Hours - Stanton Library

Monday       1.00pm - 4pm
Tuesday      12pm - 2pm
Wednesday 12.30pm - 4.30pm
Thursday     4pm - 6pm
Friday          1pm - 3pm

*The Stanton JP service is staffed by volunteers. Occasionally there may be last minute changes to the schedule, depending on availability. You may wish to phone ahead if you are making a special trip.


JP Services

A maximum of 10 documents can be presented.

Certify copies of documents as true copies.

  • Please bring the original document, and provide the photocopy/ies for certification. Electronically issued documents can only be certified where they are downloaded and printed from the issuing website in front of the JP. You may therefore wish to bring your own electronic device or use one of the library’s computers.

Witness a statutory declaration under the NSW Oaths Act 1900, an Australian affidavit, or a Commonwealth of Australia statutory declaration.

  • For NSW statutory declarations, please bring photographic identification with you. If you do not speak or read English please bring someone to interpret.

Witness signatures on legal documents and administering oaths as authorised by a NSW legislation.

  • If your document does not indicate the relevant NSW Act or NSW Regulation authorising the JP to witness your signature then please find out the details from the issuing body or your legal professional. If the NSW Act or NSW Regulation cannot be identified then the JP will not be able to witness the document for you.

The JP is unable to witness signatures on international documents. Contact a Notary for this purpose: Notary Locator


Other Justice of the Peace

Please contact The Kirribilli Centre, 9922 4428, or

Also, Greenwood Plaza - please contact directly.



The Customer Service Centre is on the ground floor of Council Chambers inside the main front entrance. The Council car park is at the rear of the building (enter Kelrose Lane from McLaren Street).


Wheelchair Access

  • Enter via the ramp at the main entrance on Miller Street
  • or, from the Council car park enter via the footbridge across to the Wyllie Wing and then take the lift down to Customer Service.


Credit Card Service Fee

Council charges a 0.75% service fee, inclusive of GST on transactions using Visa & MasterCard (credit, debit and prepaid).