Visions & Values

Our Vision

Shaping a progressive, vibrant and diverse North Sydney community.


Our Mission

To be leading edge in serving the community of North Sydney by caring for its assets, improving its appearance and delivering services to people in a financially, socially and environmentally responsible manner.


Our Core Values

  • Sustainability - equity, preservation, justice and precaution.
  • Community service - efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness.
  • Open government - transparency and accountability.
  • Community participation - consultation and involvement.
  • Ethical conduct - honesty and integrity.
  • Justice - fairness and equity.
  • Quality - innovation and excellence.
  • Teamwork - cooperation and respect.


Our Charter

In addition to the Council's Charter under Section 8 of the Local Government Act, 1993, North Sydney Council has adopted it own Charter:

  • We will leave to future generations a better environment than we inherited. Sustainability will be a call to action across our community. In partnership with our community, we will ensure that responsible stewardship of the local environment is a guiding principle in all our activities. We will develop new local parks and sporting facilities, broaden the use of our existing open space and recreation resources and improve how we care for and manage them. We will work with other organisations, locally and regionally, to realise these ends. The importance of providing opportunities for community health and wellbeing will be central to all of our open space and recreation planning.

  • We will work with our community to create a built environment that is well designed, welcoming, safe, accessible and beautiful and which truly reflects our local heritage. We will protect the character of our urban environment whilst managing growth. We ensure that North Sydney's networks of roads, footpaths, seawalls and other local infrastructure is maintained to a standard that meets our community's expectations. Funding for major new infrastructure will be spread over the life of the asset. We will bring together other levels of government in sharing responsibility for our local infrastructure. We will make North Sydney pedestrian and bike friendly. The use of public transport and other alternatives to the private car will be encouraged through the improvement and expansion of sustainable transport options and the encouragement of car sharing options.

  • We will preserve the economic vitality of the North Sydney Central Business District and unique commercial centres. From a strong commercial heart, our CBD will host a thriving business community, provide diverse social and cultural activities and work in harmony with surrounding residential areas and other commercial centres nearby. The CBD will be internationally recognised as a place for innovation, excellence and Ecologically Sustainable Development. Ourcommercial centres will remain economically viable, healthy and attractive. Our neighbourhoods will be strengthened so that there are village centres with shops and places to meet within walking distance of residential areas.

  • We will strengthen bonds in our community and give more recognition and support to our social and cultural diversity. A safer environment for people who live in and visit North Sydney will be created, and we will promote a sense of community responsibility for our collective wellbeing. We will ensure 'universal access' to our community services and facilities through continuous needs analysis and planning. We will pursue investment opportunities to enhance community assets under Council's care in the interests of quality of life, amenity and public safety. We will always regard our role in delivering services to the community as vital. We will work in partnership with other levels of government in planning and providing services. Central to our focus will be the needs of youth, families and older people as well as those with special needs.

  • We will continue our established tradition of good governance and we will be a leader in ethical, transparent and open government. We will be worthy of and receive the highest level of community confidence in our capacity to govern. We will adopt a sustainable approach to our financial planning, explore additional sources of income and minimise risks to our organisation. Achieving this will ensure that we are able to maintain a healthy and secure financial position whilst providing our community with a high level of service.