Community Strategic Plan

The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 (8MB) sets the future direction for the community of North Sydney.

It is Council's most important strategic document.

The plan identifies the community's main priorities and aspirations for its future, and details strategies for achieving them.

The plan is the highest level plan that councils prepare in accordance with Integrated Planning and Reporting statutory requirements

The plan was adopted by the Council on 25 June 2018 and came into effect on 1 July 2018.

Council prepare the plan in partnership with local residents, students, businesses, educational institutions, non-government organisations and government agencies. Council is the key driver of the plan, but its implementation is the shared responsibility of all community stakeholders. While many of the 'strategies' relate directly to Council activities, some can only be achieved with help from other stakeholders.

For its part in putting the Community Strategic Plan into practice, Council has prepared:

  • a three year Delivery Program (15MB) and forward estimates, outlining the actions (projects and services) that Council will undertake to achieve the 'strategies' meet the desired  'outcomes'. For more information about Council's Capital Works Program refer to Appendix 2; 
  • an annual Operational Plan and budget (within the Delivery Program) identifying the activities to be carried out in 2018/19. The Plan also includes the Revenue Policy. As part of the development of Operational Plan and budget each year, Council also sets its Fees and Charges; and
  • a Resourcing Strategy (10MB)  this includes a Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Management Strategy.

An important aspect of Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework is measuring and reporting on Council's progress in achieving the Community Strategic Plan.

For more information or copies of the plans contact Council's Manager Integrated Planning and Special Projects on 9936 8100 or email


Community Engagement

2018 Review

To inform preparation of the plan we undertook an extensive community engagement program to ensure all stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute. The first phase of consultation occurred between November 2017 to March 2018 asking stakeholders their vision for North Sydney is and there are many ways to share this with us. For more information including the feedback received visit Have your Say. The final phase involved the public exhibition of the draft strategies in May-June 2018.

The following strategic documents relate to preparation of the Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028:

2013 Review

The following documents relate to preparation of the former Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 (Note: plan has been superseded by the Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028):