Community Strategic Plan



The community's priorities and aspirations for the next 10 - 20 years are outlined in the 

North Sydney Community Strategic Plan - North Sydney Vision 2040 (15MB)


This is Council's most important strategic document, adopted on 27 June 2022.  The plans below outline how Council and its partners plan to deliver the Outcomes in the Community Strategic Plan: 

  • Delivery Program 2022-2026 outlines the projects and services Council will undertake to achieve the strategies and outcomes in the Community's plan  

  • Operational Plan 2022-2023 outlines the projects and services to be undertaken in 2022/23 by Department.  It includes the Revenue Policy and the annual fees and charges

  • Resourcing Strategy 2022-2032 outlines how Council will resource delivery of the plan and includes the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Management Strategy.

Council's progress in delivering the Community Strategic Plan is reported in the Quarterly Reviews of the Delivery Plan / Operational Plan and the End of Term Report.


Community Engagement

To inform the plan, engagement was framed around two stages. For detailed information on community engagement, go to Have your Say


Stage 1 - September - December 2021

  • Preliminary engagement included representative and opt-in consultation methods to identify the key priorities to inform the new plan.
  • Councillors were involved via a two-stage workshop process, that considered the State 1 outcomes and refined the draft plan’s content.

Stage 2 - 27 April to 8 June 2022

Broad reaching community engagement that included a combination of inform and consult methodologies including: 

  • web pages
  • media releases
  • advertisements
  • North Sydney News
  • notice boards
  • banner/signage
  • social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • e-newsletters
  • direct email/letter
  • online information session
  • artwork template
  • #tag photo album
  • story sharing
  • online mapping tool
  • online survey
  • submissions
  • online round tables (various)
  • meetings