Delivery Program / Operational Plan

In accordance with statutory Integrated Planning and Reporting framework requirements, Council has a fixed-term Delivery Program, a ‘statement of commitment’ to the community from each newly elected council.


Delivery Program 2022 - 2026

The Delivery Program 2022 -2026 was adopted by Council 27 June 2022. 


Delivery Program 2022 - 2026 (9MB)


It outlines how Council will deliver the outcomes in the North Sydney Community Strategic Plan - Our Vision 2040. A summary of how the Delivery Program and Operational Plan link to the community Strategic Plan is outlined in the diagram below: 





Operational Plan 2022/23


This Operational Plan was adopted on 27 June 2022. It outlines the projects and services by Division and Department in year 1 of the Delivery Program 2022-2026 and includes Council's annual Revenue Policy and annual Fees and Charges Schedule.


Operational Plan 2022/23 (11MB)


Performance Reviews

Progress against the Delivery Program/Operational Plan is reported to the Council on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the quarter budget review statements (QBRS).

Q3 - 2021/22 (9MB)

Q2 - 2021/22 (2MB)

Q1 - 2021/22 (11MB)

Q4 - 2020/21 (5MB)


View Council's Past Performance Reviews available here.

View Council's Annual Reports available here.


For more information contact Council's Corporate Planning Coordinator on 9936 8100.