Graffiti Clean Up

Free service - graffiti removal service for private property owners in the North Sydney Council area.


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Removal of graffiti on private property


Council offers this service, subject to the following limitations:

  1. Graffiti can be seen from a public road, public park or other land that the general public is allowed to use.

  2. Its removal can safely be undertaken by a two-person crew without the aid of scaffolding or other specialised lifting equipment.

  3. Its removal can safely be undertaken with limited traffic control equipment that can be reasonably carried in the vehicle being used by the two-person crew.

  4. To participate in the program, the property owner needs to sign an agreement with North Sydney Council, link above.


Otherwise for graffiti to be removed from Council-owned property, please contact us.


North Sydney Council Pamphlet

Graffiti Solutions pamphlet (290KB)

To assist in the management, protection and removal of graffiti on private property Council publishes a graffiti solutions pamphlet.


Graffiti - NSW Govt Website

Graffiti NSW website


Graffiti Management Policy

D2-05 Graffiti Management Policy (167KB)

Unwanted graffiti can seriously affect property values, community well-being, and civic pride.

With the active cooperation of local residents, we endeavour to quickly remove graffiti from Council and privately-owned properties. It is important to send out a strong message that Council facilities are well maintained and cared for, and to minimise any satisfaction that illegal graffito's might gain from peer recognition of their vandalism.

Under the management plan, Council's graffiti removal contractor will be provided with a list of properties that have to be managed each month.

These will include:

  • Selected Council-owned and private properties that have to be patrolled regularly and graffiti has to be removed within three (3) days.

  • Council and private properties that are not patrolled regularly but once the graffiti is reported, it must be removed within three (3) days.

  • Reported / identified bill posters to be removed within five (5) working days.