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Filming Information

If you are considering the North Sydney Council area as a site for a film production or still photography the following information will help you understand some requirements and will show you how to obtain an approval.

The North Sydney Council area includes popular vantage points to film the city skyline, harbour bridge and opera house.


North Sydney Council Supports the Film Industry

North Sydney Council is committed to supporting a professional film television industry that produces content for domestic and overseas markets.

Sydney's natural beauty, especially its magnificent harbour, its climate, famous landmarks, well developed infrastructure and facilities make it a location of choice for  filming both Australian and international films, television and commercials. Productions that feature our city and its icons provide economic benefits. It also helps to promote Sydney as well as Australian culture and ideas abroad.


Screen NSW


Screen NSW plays a critical developmental role for the NSW film and television industry. They can provide expert advice on locations, policy, industry contacts and production matters. It has a number of programs of assistance including project development, production investment, a young filmmakers fund and support for industry and audience development.



It is expected that applicants are familiar and comply with the following guidelines:

Local Government film protocol (353KB)

RMS Filming Projects - guidelines for parking and road closures  (333KB)

Please read our policy: D5-26 Filming in the Council Area Policy (135KB)

Filming and Photography - permit  (383KB)

Filming and Photography - code of conduct  (230KB)

Filming and Photography - terms and conditions (227KB)

By submitting an application, you are acknowledging your acceptance of North Sydney Council's filming guidelines. All members of production companies (including security personnel) must comply with requirements during productions carried out in the North Sydney Council area. 

North Sydney Council may take action due to failure to comply with requirements or if there are reasonable complaints regarding your filming activities. These include:

  • Withdrawal of your approval and/or cancellation of your permit.
  • Instruct you to cease your activities immediately and remove all personnel and equipment from the site.
  • Require you to forfeit any and all fees paid to North Sydney Council and any security bond held by North Sydney Council to offset any losses, damages or outstanding amounts.
  • Require you to show cause with respect to any future applications that you may submit.
  • Restrict the use of the particular location for further filming.
  • Notify the Screen NSW of the issue for further action.

More Information

Contact our Film Contact Officer
Telephone: 9936 8200