Information for Residents FAQ

North Sydney Council recognises the economic benefits that film and television production activities can bring to our local economy.

We try to accommodate all reasonable requests for access to our community to film. However, our core responsibility is to you, our residents and stakeholders.

We will continue to encourage film makers to use North Sydney as a centrepiece for their activities. At the same time, we will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience that may occur during filming.


Resident and Stakeholder, Frequently Asked Questions about Filming


How will I know when a production will be shooting in my area?

Production companies are required to notify affected residents in person and/or by written notification, as early as possible in advance of their shoot.


Will I still be able to get to my residence/work/local business?

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow should be maintained at all times. Traffic control and 'user pays' police officers are often assigned to many productions, particularly when egress is restricted or modified. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause for a few moments during the taping of a scene. Enjoy the experience. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.


When productions shoot in my area, why do they take up parking spots?

Public parking spots are paid for and shared by the entire community, including the production industry, which contributes millions of dollars to our local economy, and employs many people.

North Sydney Council understands that a temporary loss of parking may impose an inconvenience to residents. North Sydney Council limits the amounts of parking that productions are granted in particular areas for filming and closely monitors production footprints in neighbourhoods.


What should I do if there are lights from the production shining in my window?

Ask the location manager for black out material, or a fabric or covering to go over your windows.


What should I do if the crew is rude or the production company creates a problem?

North Sydney Council expects production companies to be courteous and accommodating to residents at all times. Safe pedestrian and vehicle access must be provided at all times.

Any residents or stakeholders with concerns regarding the production company's activity should inform the company representative (usually the location manager) who should be listed on the notification.

It is our experience that most production companies are very interested in meeting your needs, since they want to establish a positive relationship with North Sydney Council residents. However, you are certainly encouraged to notify North Sydney Council before filming occurs of any concerns you may have. North Sydney Council may be able to attach special conditions to the permit which address your specific concerns.

The recommended procedure for dealing with concerns about a production is to:

  1. Make contact with the location staff working on the site and explain the situation.
  2. Review the notification received from the production company (if any) and phone the number supplied on the letter to discuss.
  3. Make contact with the production crew directly to raise your particular concerns.
  4. If resolution cannot be made directly with the production company, please telephone North Sydney Council for advice, and if appropriate we will take action.

    Telephone: 9936 8200
    Facsimile: 9936 8474
    After Hours: 9936 8100

Calls after hours will be transferred to an off-site call centre. The details will be recorded and passed on to Council's ranger services department.

Please remember not to wait until after a shoot has finished if you have a problem that you cannot resolve directly with the production company. Contact North Sydney Council so that we can take appropriate action as soon as possible.

We also appreciate knowing if a production crew works particularly well in your area - so please share your positive experiences by calling or emailing us.