Notify the Community

North Sydney Council has criteria for notifying residents and stakeholders about film production activities in the area.

Residents and stakeholders must be advised by letterbox drop (and door knocking) if there is any possibility that the amenity of the neighbourhood will be affected. For example, use of parking spaces, noise, large amounts of equipment and high numbers of production crew present when businesses and residents are active in the vicinity.

Sample Resident Notification Letter (25KB)


Residents and stakeholders do not need to be notified if your production meets the following conditions:

  • Production is on a small scale and will be produced with a small crew.
  • There will be no loss of parking for residents and stakeholders.
  • The filming will be in a low density area where there are no active businesses and residents in the vicinity.


In all other instances you must notify residents and stakeholders, note the following:

  • A letterbox drop must be implemented as soon as the production has confirmed the location. A minimum of 3 working days is required.
  • If you have not confirmed the exact details within 4 working days prior to the commencement of filming, notification must still be undertaken advising of tentative arrangements. Once the exact arrangements are confirmed, a second round of notification will then be required.
  • If you have already notified residents and stakeholders about arrangements for filming and your arrangements change (for example due to wet weather or postponement of filming) then you must undertake additional notification about the changes to affected residents.
  • North Sydney Council will not issue a permit unless you can provide evidence that the notification letter has been completed. Your evidence must include a copy of the letter, and a summary of the distribution you have undertaken. If there is evidence that you have not notified residents and stakeholders as required, your permit will be cancelled immediately.


Your notification must include:

  • On-site mobile number.
  • A description of filming.
  • The proposed location for filming.
  • The commencement and completion dates.
  • The expected length of filming each day.
  • The number of people expected at the location.
  • Details of any structures you intend to erect.
  • The types of equipment you will be using (such as hand held or mounted camera).
  • Parking arrangements.
  • Whether there will be disruption to the location or surrounding area.
  • Any noise, vibrations, release of smells, use of lighting or special effects.