Bike Share Guidelines

Dockless Bike Share Schemes

Feedback from the North Sydney Community shows that many more people are considering cycling as an everyday transport option as it becomes safer and easier to ride a bike in North Sydney.

Bike Share schemes have a key role to play in responding to this community demand. They allow people to easily access a fleet of bikes that are parked in public areas. The bikes are unlocked through a smartphone app and can then be used for return or one-way trips. They don't have to be returned to a docking station or specific location.


Customer safety and conduct

Bike Share Operators should inform their customers about relevant laws, responsible riding, and appropriate ways to park bikes (further information provided below). 

All operators and their customers must obey NSW bicycle road rules and consider the safety and comfort of other people on the road and footpaths.


Report Incidents or Hazards

Lime e-Bikes  1800 861 305


Safe bike parking

Footpaths should be clear to allow safe, comfortable and equitable access for all people.

Bikes must not obstruct people walking on the footpath or using the roadway.

Bikes must be kept away from any location where they could pose a safety hazard and any walls that are used as guides for people with visual impairment. Bikes must not be left on top of or around tactile indicators that are placed on the ground to assist people who are visually impaired.  

Bikes must not interfere with access points. Bikes must not be left in high pedestrian circulation areas or shared zones where they impede pedestrian movement and or deliveries.

North Sydney Council expects that bike share operators seek their own legal advice to ensure that their fleet is safe and complies with laws regarding user behaviour, consumer protection, transport, road safety and any Public Liability claims that may arise from using the bike share scheme.


Avoiding clutter

Operators should monitor the location of all bikes daily to avoid clutter and build-up in an area. Operators should contact North Sydney Council to seek agreement on the maximum number of bikes that can be placed in any area. Council is seeking to discourage over-supply of bikes in any area that may reduce safety and amenity of public areas.


Use of bikes

Operators are to ensure that users have adequate access to information regarding legal and responsible riding at the time that members join and regularly afterwards.

Riders can incur penalties for offences such as not wearing helmets, unauthorised riding on footpaths, reckless riding and riding through red lights. There are laws relating to bicycles having bells or other warning devices, front and rear lights, and a rear reflector.

Membership to groups like Bicycle NSW or Bicycle Network includes public liability and personal crash insurance. Third party public liability insurance may also be available through household contents insurance.


Better transport planning

We encourage operators to share usage data with government agencies for transport and urban planning purposes.