Cycling Map

Cycling is an ideal way to get around North Sydney.

Many of the shops, workplaces, parks and other facilities are located within a short bike trip of each other and are a ‘rideable’ distance from residential areas. For trips less than 5kms, riding a bike will often be much faster than taking the car.

Cycling for transport is also a great way of making activity a part of your day-to-day life.

Cycling, for those visiting or working in North Sydney, gets easier as we improve our network of local bike paths, and expand into regional cycling links.



Plan your route:

Google Maps can calculate cycling directions and times.

Or check out our (printed) guide North Sydney cycling guide and map (7MB)

(Printed copies are available from Stanton Library, our Customer Service Centre, the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability and local bike stores.)

Council is always working on  cycling projects that will help to make cycling a safe, enjoyable and convenient ‘everyday’ transport option for the residents, workers and visitors to North Sydney. For more information about current and recent cycling projects see our North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy.


Here is what we do: this bike path was completed in Cremorne in 2017.