Council's Rangers and Parking Officers have the authority to ensure all timed signage is adhered to and that motorists do not stop or park in prohibited areas.

Illegal parking can cause delays, queueing, inconvenience other motorists, and can pose a significant safety risk for both motorists and pedestrians.

Parking Officers and Rangers monitor parking between the hours of 5.30am and Midnight, Monday to Sunday.

These hours of operation reflect the hours displayed on the parking control signs in the North Sydney local government area.

Parking Officers aim to:

  • Visit every street in the local government area at least three times a week.
  • Patrol the commercial districts daily.
  • Patrol all schools on a daily basis during the school terms.


Uniforms - Identifying a Parking Officer

Council's Parking Officers wear Council uniforms, consisting of a parchment coloured polo or polo-style shirt, navy trousers, shorts, jumper and jacket, and Akubra or fawn-style hat. They also sometimes wear high-visibility jackets or vests. They either have or visibly wear ID badges.

In most cases when you are issued a fine, you will receive a printed notice under your windscreen. On occasions, the fine may be sent to you by mail. This only occurs when a Ranger or Parking Officer sees an offence, but is unable to stop safely to issue the fine on the spot.

Council Officers occasionally undertake covert operations to check the misuse of mobility permits. Although officers are not in uniform for such operations, they will still carry identification cards which state their name and number.