North Sydney Traffic & Parking Strategy

The North Sydney Community Strategic Plan states that for a reliable, accessible and sustainable transport system, we will:

  • Promote equity of access to public and community transport.
  • Incorporate true environmental and social costs in our transport planning.
  • Pursue improvement and expansion of sustainable transport options.
  • Encourage the use of alternative modes of transport to the private car.

Some of the stated aims with regard to transport include:

  • The impact of the private car on our community and environment is dramatically reduced.
  • The frequency, quality and diversity of public transport throughout North Sydney is increased.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists enjoy easy and safe access throughout North Sydney.
  • Transport management is coordinated at a regional level.


North Sydney Traffic and Parking Strategy

North Sydney Integrated Traffic and Parking Strategy (4MB)

North Sydney Council in 2015 has adopted this which outlines the key principles in Council’s approach to traffic and parking management on Council roads in line with the objectives and goals of the Community Strategic Plan.

The goals of the Strategy are to:

  • Improve traffic and parking management across the LGA.
  • Ensure that traffic and parking is balanced to meet the needs of road users, particularly residents and businesses both now and into the future.
  • Encourage sustainable transport modes as alternatives to private motor vehicle use.


Local Area Traffic Management Action Plans (LATM)

In 2017, Council adopted LATM Action plans (formerly TAPAS) to manage traffic and parking across seven (7) Zones. The Action Plans coordinate a program of works and projects over 10 years. The Action Plans are updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they are relevant and up-to-date. Consultation and planning, through several stages, was sought in the creation of the LATM plans.


North Sydney Motorbike & Scooter Parking Strategy

Motorbike & Scooter Parking Strategy and Action Plan (1MB)

As an alternative to the single-occupancy motor vehicle, these vehicles can help to reduce parking demand and offset some of the negative impacts. In 2019, this strategy was developed to review the current motorbike parking network and identify opportunities to continue to support motorbikes and scooters as an alternative form of travel.

The objectives of this strategy are to:

  • Offset the number of single occupant car trips to North Sydney with motorbike trips.
  • Increase opportunities for motorbike parking through more efficient use of the available kerb space.
  • Increase the quantity of dedicated motorbike parking spaces over the next 10 years, particularly in and around the North Sydney CBD.


Taxi and Ride Sourcing Strategy and Action Plan

Taxi and Ride Sourcing Strategy and Action Plan (2MB)

The aim is to review the existing taxi zones and consider what are the trip attractors that generate demand for taxis and ride sourcing in the North Sydney LGA. in 2020, it also identifies opportunities to increase taxi spaces and introduce new spaces for ride sourcing in high demand areas, while consolidating taxi zones in lower demand areas.

The objectives of this strategy are to:

  • Locate and map the existing taxi ranks within the North Sydney LGA and assess how much these ranks are utilised;
  • Locate high demand drop off / pick up areas for ride sourcing within the North Sydney LGA;
  • Review current legislative provisions for taxi and ride sourcing operators.
  • Increase the drop-off and pick-up spaces for taxi and ride sourcing within the North Sydney LGA by changing existing parking restrictions.
  • Establish criteria for future request for additional taxi/ride sourcing ranks/spaces within the North Sydney LGA.

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