Car Share

Car Sharing is a system which allows multiple users access to one vehicle. 

There are currently two operators in North Sydney:

  1. GoGet
  2. Popcar

All of the Car Share vehicles parked on North Sydney streets are open to general community membership, and local residents make up the bulk of members and trips made in these cars.

In 2016, in our area, there are approximately 3500 resident members, and 1500 business members.

The cars work on a pay per hour system, and primarily function as an alternative to a privately owned car. Feedback from residents who use the service indicate that people commonly use these cars in place of purchasing their own private vehicle or a second private vehicle. In this regard, car sharing has the potential to provide benefit to the community as a whole (and not just car share members) in that it can:

  • reduce overall private vehicle ownership and therefore the net demand for on-street parking on North Sydney streets
  • allow one parking space/vehicle to cater for a number of residents
  • reduce traffic congestion caused by people 'cruising' to find parking
  • provide a transport option for those in the community who don't or can't own their own car.

Council is aware that in some areas of North Sydney the demand for on-street parking is high and that some residents are concerned that dedicating on-street parking spaces to car share vehicles may exacerbate this issue.

At the same time we also received requests from residents for installation of more/new car share spaces. 

Council seeks to balance the needs of both groups by installing new car share spaces in locations where they can help to reduce the pressure on parking resources by reducing the number of privately owned vehicles parking in the street. Applications for new car share spaces must demonstrate that there are multiple users in the immediate area who will use the car, and that there are not existing alternatives that already service this demand.

Data sourced from membership surveys of existing car share members suggest that car sharing currently reduces the demand for on-street car parking spaces by 1139 spaces across North Sydney LGA. See our D2-03 Car Share Policy (232KB)


Your Feedbackcarshare_sign.jpg

  • North Sydney Council installs temporary signage to gather community feedback about proposed car share locations.
  • If you would like to provide a submission/comment about one of the spaces proposed, you can do so below.
  • Your comments will be considered in a report that goes to the North Sydney Traffic Committee.


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