Travel Choices


Try a better way to get to North Sydney...

The Travel Choices program is working with North Sydney Council and helping individuals, businesses and organisations in North Sydney make the most of transport improvements to bus, train and ferry services in the area.

A little change to the way you commute or travel around Sydney can make a big difference to your lifestyle and productivity. It’s a great time to reconsider how you travel by:

  • Walking or riding a bike as part of your commute to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Planning your trip before leaving home to ensure you’re making your best travel choice.

  • Exploring your organisation’s flexible and remote working policies to reduce the need to travel during peak periods and improve work-life balance.

Get ready to shake up your travel by checking out the following apps and websites:

  • Trip Planner to plan your journey, visit

  • Sydney Cycleways for tips and resources on cycling in Sydney, including free maps and personalised route planning. Visit

  • City Mapper shows your best travel options, comparing driving, cycling and walking with real-time public transport information. Visit

Check out the full range of travel planning apps at