Bushland Rehab Plans

In 1995, North Sydney Council adopted a generic Plan of Management for all Bushland Reserves which considered the broad issues involved in urban bushland management and suggested approaches to address damaging processes.

Bushland Plan of Management

The Bushland Plan of Management (BPoM) is updated every five years.



In early 2002, Bushland Rehabilitation and Fauna Rehabilitation Plans were adopted for Middle Harbour and Port Jackson catchments. Thus specific goals for each reserve were created by looking at individual issues and devising ways to limit the threats, conserve existing biodiversity, and rehabilitate degraded areas.

In 2015, Council commenced a comprehensive review of the original Bushland and Fauna Rehabilitation Plans. Finalising the review was delayed by changes in NSW biodiversity conservation and Biosecurity legislation, however, in November 2019, the draft Bushland Rehabilitation Plans 2019-2029 were adopted by Council.

Bushland Rehabilitation Plans 2019 - 2029 (10MB)

These plans retain the same reserve-specific management action focus as the earlier ones, though with the benefit of integrating outcomes for flora/fauna conservation rather than dealing with them in separate plans.



A review of the current Bushland Rehabilitation Plans 2019-2029 will be carried out mid-way through their implementation, to ensure the plans remain best-practice and are adapted to changing conditions on the ground.


(Creating these Plans was made possible by funding from Council's Environmental Levy.)