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The Native Haven Program offers FREE assistance to residents who wish to help the environment by using local indigenous plants in their garden to increase habitat.



Native plants, apart from looking good and being environmentally friendly, serve many useful purposes. They provide food, shelter and nesting materials for our native animals, not to mention reduce water consumption. North Sydney, while densely populated by humans, is still home to many native animals. To provide additional habitat in your garden, nest boxes are also available from Council's Customer Service Centre.

North Sydney has only 45 hectares of bushland remaining; a small percentage of what was once abundant with native fauna and flora.

Each garden that replaces exotic and hybrid plants with native plants, increases the resources available to our wildlife, effectively increasing the area of bushland and reducing the pressure on native wildlife. By eliminating weeds that spread seeds, fruits and propagules from gardens into bushland, less resources are required by Council to restore degraded bushland.

Currently nearly 300 residents have been involved in creating native havens on their private land.

Through the Native Haven Program, Council supplies:

  1. FREE local native plants,
  2. an extensive list of local native plants,
  3. advice on suitable local native plants for your garden,
  4. ongoing visits, advice and support.


Get involved, contact:

Bushland Project Officer or phone 9936 8100 to make an appointment.


Streets Alive

Visit Council's Streets Alive web page if you are interested in creating and maintaining a garden on the street verge or other public property.