Green Cleaning, Composting, Worm Farming

Green Cleaning

Natural cleaning or green cleaning is a way to clean your home with fewer cleaning products and safer alternatives - producing less waste and reducing the need for harmful chemicals. Download our Green Cleaning Guide below. While cleaning is not much fun, it is great fun to use normal household ingredients to clean with!



Join the Compost Revolution and get 50% off compost bins or worm farms...

Up to 50% of household waste can be composted and this substantially reduces the amount of garbage requiring disposal in landfill sites. Download our Easy Composting Guide below. Fruit and vegetable scraps, tea leaves, coffee grounds, weeds, eggshells, old flowers, shredded newspaper, stale bread, grass clippings, wood ash and straw can all be composted. Council has compost bins and worm farms available for purchase, please ring Council on 9936 8100.


Worm Farming

Worm farms assist greatly in converting compost scraps into a useable product far quicker than by conventional methods. Download our Easy Wormfarming Guide below. A big advantage is that they can be used by people living on smaller blocks of land or in home units with balconies. If you are interested in obtaining a worm farm or need more information contact the Council's Waste Educator on 9936 8100.

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