Ridge Street Window Gallery

Exhibition terms and conditions

Artworks are only viewable from outside the gallery and the gallery will not be staffed.

Loan agreement

A loan agreement specifying duration, delivery, collection, installation, insurance values, etc. will be offered to the successful artists.

Exhibition duration

Exhibitions will generally run for 6 weeks. Works must remain on exhibition for the entire agreed exhibition duration.

Fees and charges

There are no exhibition fees or commissions on any sales.

Artwork sales

  • Artworks may be made available for sale.
  • North Sydney Council cannot sell artworks on behalf of exhibitors. Any sales enquiries will be directed to the exhibitor. To facilitate this artists will need to provide online contact details either via their (or their gallerists) website or social media.
  • The delivery/collection of all items sold is the responsibility of the artist(s).

Original works

Works must be the original work of the artist and exclude reproductions.

Artwork display and hanging information

Works can be displayed in the following ways:

  • hung on the moveable walls or fixed walls
  • professionally framed or stretched on canvas, with d-rings securely attached to the back of the works about a quarter of the way from the top *
  • unframed works may be secured with pins, tacks, Velcro, nails, double sided tape, Magnart magnet system. Blu tak or white tak is not permitted. Fixings are to be supplied by artists *
  • maximum weight for any wall hanging work is 15kg
  • it is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that works will fit through the front door

*other styles of fixings will be considered, however, artists are advised to contact the Arts & Culture Team to discuss this prior to applying

Freestanding/3D works

  • Sculptures/installations can be displayed on standard white gallery plinths or other purpose-built supports. Artists may be required to supply some or all plinths.
  • Work can be freestanding on the floor if stable and large enough for viewing. Excessively heavy work may be excluded
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that works will fit through the front door

Multimedia, audio-visual works

Proposals containing multimedia, audio-visual, and sound components are welcome, however, exhibitors should contact the Arts & Culture Team to discuss requirements before applying. Artists may be required to supply some or all AV equipment.

Wet paintings cannot be installed.

Artworks cannot be suspended from the ceiling.

The gallery has professional lighting and natural light, we strongly recommend not including work that can be damaged by light in your exhibition (these works may be excluded by the Arts & Culture Team)

Installation and de-installation

  • Successful artists must meet with exhibition staff to discuss the exhibition and any special display requirements.
  • Works are to be delivered to the site the week before installation, at a date and time as agreed with Arts and Culture Team.
  • Installations will commence at 9.30am on the designated installation day. Dismantling of exhibitions occurs on the last day of the exhibition with collection at a mutually agreed time.
  • An exhibitions officer will supervise and advise exhibitors in the installation and dismantling of exhibitions ensuring the operational guidelines of North Sydney Council are adhered to, and ensuring the best possible display is achieved.

Successful applicants will need to be available to discuss, receive professional development support and advice on how to present their work and curate their display.


Works listed in the loan agreement will be covered by Councils Insurance for the duration of time onsite.  Transit insurance is the responsibility of the artist.