Cremorne Point, Cremorne - Bushcare Groups

Group contact
Kathy Stewart

0419 438 744
Location and meeting details

The group meets on Sunday's on the second full weekend of the month from 9am to 12pm.

Dates: February 11, March 10, April 14, May 12, June 09*, July 14, August 11, September 15, October 13, November 10.

The group works at two sites on the peninsular, the Playground at Robinsons Point and Bogota Avenue entrance to Cremorne Reserve.

Playground at Robinsons Point

Bogota Avenue entrance

Groups meet between February and November, taking a break in January and December.

Meetings that fall on a long weekend or the Boorowa tree planting trip must be confirmed by the Group Convenor.

In the event of rain, call the Group Convenor for updates.

Volunteers are required to wear enclosed shoes, a long sleeved shirt, long pants and a hat. Bring sunscreen and a full water bottle.

Getting here
Catch the bus: Route 225 Cremorne Point Wharf, Milson Rd. Cremorne Point (Stop ID 209035)

Jump on a ferry: Cremorne Point Wharf F2 Taronga Zoo and F6 Mosman Bay.

The name Cremorne comes from the famous Cremorne Gardens in London. Cremorne Gardens was one of the first of several harbour-side pleasure grounds, established here at Cremorne Point in 1856. Visitors paid to access the site having usually arrived by ferry from the newly built Circular Quay. Historically the Point faced threats from development and mining. In 1828 a Government Order had reserved all waterfront land 100 feet (approx. 30 metres) back from the water from being privatised. This area was gazetted as a public recreation reserve to be managed by North Sydney Council in 1907. Accordingly, Cremorne Point Reserve remains the best example of the 1828 100-foot reservation on Sydney Harbour. The Phoenix Palms are relics of plantings from the early 1900s.

Cremorne Reserve became degraded and weed invested by years of rubbish dumping, sewage overflows, nutrient rich drainage, and residential encroachment.

Residents came together in 1993 with the support of Council to form Cremorne Point Bushcare Group to help rehabilitate areas zoned bushland. The area was regenerated with remnants of Angophora Foreshore Forest and Disclimax Sandstone Scrub as well as other local native plants grown by the Bushcare Community Nursery. This area has improved greatly since this time and is home to many small native birds e.g., White Browed Scrubwrens. 

Cremorne Bushcare Group works at two sites on the peninsular: Robertson's Point playground and Bogota Ave entrance to Cremorne Reserve.

This site is close to toilet facilities and public transport.