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  • Fri 26 Jul 2024

    10:30am - 12:30pm
    Movie poster for Emu Runner. Background is brown trees beside river under blue sky during daytime
  • Fri 26 Jul 2024

    3pm - 4:30pm
    Lots of different shaped and coloured LEGO blocks spread out.
  • Fri 26 Jul 2024

    9:30am - 11am
    Large LEGO duplo pieces stacked in rainbow colours.
  • Sun 28 Jul 2024

    2pm - 4pm
    Image of a board game with games pieces and dice. text: Sunday Games at Stanton
  • Tue 30 Jul 2024

    2pm - 3pm
    Photo of an elderly woman holding the hand of a younger woman.
  • Fri 02 Aug 2024

    11am - 12pm
    • Strata law drop-in help desk

      Get your strata living questions answered with Responsive Strata Management at our FREE monthly drop-in help desk.

    Image of a miniature model of a block of apartments
  • Tue 06 Aug 2024

    10am - 11am
    A collection of children's toys including blocks and teddy bear
  • Tue 06 Aug 2024

    1pm - 2pm
    Photo of writer Hayley Scrivenor
  • Tue 06 Aug 2024

    2pm - 4pm
    Stanton knitting group
  • Thu 08 Aug 2024

    1pm - 2pm
    • Writers @ Stanton: Andrew Ford

      Discover the fascinating story of why music is vital to the human experience from prehistory to now with Andrew Ford.

    Photo of composer Andrew Ford.