Hold a private event in a park

Booking terms and conditions

Permit conditions

  • Marquees are not permitted in the Council area.
  • The driving of vehicles onto a park is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Before bringing a BBQ onto the park, you must first check with NSW Rural Fire Service to ensure there isn't a total fire ban in place.
  • Portable gas BBQs are permitted. Kettle or open flame BBQs are strictly prohibited.
  • Drip mats must be placed under the BBQ to collect any spillage. Council will take steps to recoup costs should any damage occur.
  • Certain activities can have damaging impacts on bushland, particularly our small, fragmented and highly visited foreshore reserves. To protect our bushland for future generations to enjoy, the following activities are not permitted in Council’s bushland reserves:
    • orienteering, geocaching, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, camping, open fires.

How to reserve an area

If you wish to reserve a particular area, you can do so by putting picnic blankets on the ground (just as you would if you were at the beach), or by placing the tables and chairs accordingly. Someone must remain at the location until the other guests arrive. Unfortunately, you can’t cordon off the area with ropes, signs or barricades.

No right to exclusive use

A permit allows you to have a social gathering on a park. It doesn’t give you exclusive use of the park or a right over another group (for example, if someone is using the area you planned to use, you have no right to ask them to move).

Litter bins

Litter bins are essential if you’re serving food or drink. You need one bin for every 30 people attending the function.

Wet weather 

If wet weather renders the park unfit for use, a refund may be given. Applications for refunds must be made in writing. Upon confirmation, a refund will be given minus a $50 processing fee.

This letter must be received by Council no later than 14 days after the event.

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Park permit application

Fill out this permit for a social gathering in parks and reserves.

Park permit