Fireplaces and wood heaters

All homeowners must submit a Planning Application via the NSW Planning Portal and get Council approval before installing or replacing a wood heater or open fireplace.

All heaters sold in NSW must also have a certificate of compliance affirming that the model of heater meets the relevant Australian and New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards. This certificate must be issued by a body approved by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

At the point of purchase, you should check with the retailer to see whether the appliance you are considering to purchase complies with the relevant AS/NZS Standards under the Regulation.  

Residents must ensure their wood heaters and open fireplaces are operated efficiently and are not emitting excessive smoke, under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clear Air) Amendment (Solid Fuel Heaters) Regulation 2016.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can see or smell smoke, then you are not operating your wood heater or open fireplace correctly and are impacting your neighbours and family.

Smoke Abatement Notices and fines can be issued by Council for any wood heater or open fireplace emitting excessive smoke.

Report a smoke issue

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