Nan Manefield Young Writers' Award

2024 Award Winners

Thank you to all of the young writers who entered into our 2024 Nan Manefield Young Writer's Award!

Below are all the winning entries from each age category, including winners, highly commended, commended and merit entires.


16-18 years

Winner: Kathryn Rendulic - Untitled (Like Emerging)

Highly Commended: Tony Chen - Ox-Demons and Snake-Spirits

Commended: Jenny Fung - Children of the Forest

Merit: Anchita Eranki - Burnt Rice

Merit: Caitlin Demoiseau - Untitled (I Used To Think)

Merit: Crista-Nicole Gahdmar - The Yellowed Cards

Merit: Demelza Marion Lee - I Miss You

Merit: Elizabeth Soo - Untitled (At the Corners)

Merit: Gaby Cunningham - Woman: The Derivative

Merit: Lauren McGirr - Dearest Mum

15 years

Winner: Kayla Khoo - Letters, Unknown

Highly Commended: Amanda Linh - Cricket

Commended: Aikem Billing - Le temps passe et coule

Merit: Alexandra Roberts - Winter Exile

Merit: Annabelle Stapleton - Lights

Merit: Ching Hei Kylie Liu - Death of a Sunset

Merit: Francis Hsu - A History of Idiots

Merit: Matthew Clarke - Thunderbirds

Merit: Peter Luo - Memories in Bakhmut

Merit: Sophie Yang - Be a Lady

14 years

Winner: Sophie Christianson - The Old Swing Set

Highly Commended: Isla Campbell - Scarlet Tears and Ebony Flowers

Commended: Briar Qiu - Curtain Call

Merit: Edie Olesnicky - ChatGPT-imported.file

Merit: Isabelle Teh - Vignette

13 years

Winner: Sheryl Monteiro - A Girl Born From Flames

Highly Commended: Maggie Langsworth - 898 Grams

Commended: Niamh Aerin Black - Happy Birthday

Merit: Genevieve Nolan-Uzcilas - Singed Memories

Merit: Jaime Abigail Wong - Nine Years

Merit: Lexi Hartigan - Forever Existing

Merit: Piper Courtney - We Are Dying

Merit: Sophia Chitkara - Log Entry

Merit: Sophie Meng - Moon

Merit: Summer Phi - Underneath the Oak Tree

Merit: Tiana Abustan - For the Greater Good

Merit: Vera Yuen - Sunken Mattress

Merit: Valerie Chung - The Star

11-12 years

Winner: Louis Williams - Almond Latte

Highly Commended: Zachary Robertson - Emotional Intelligence

Commended: Jeana Shen - Cosmic Echoes Unveiled

Merit: Alessia Concetta Christel Leotta - Writing on the Wall

Merit: Cinny Yuan - I Am

Merit: Ein Shin - The First Folio of November and Me

Merit: Isaac Roth - The Old Oak Tree

Merit: Kenzie Maher - What Once Was

Merit: Luca Cowlishaw - Late

Merit: Mahee Bharadwaj - Beauty Through the Window Pane

Merit: Olivia Xia Wu - Grandma's Antiques

Merit: Sebastian Clark - Forever Changing

Merit: Swetha Eranki - Two Homes