Nan Manefield Writers' Award

2023 Award Winners

Thank you to all of the young writers who entered into our 2023 Nan Manefield Young Writer's Award!

Below are all the winning entries from each age category, including winners, highly commended and commended.


16-18 years

Winner: Ethan Li - Moving Home

Highly Commended: Amadea Luong - The Sparrow Reborn

Commended: Cameron Masters - Inner Demons

15 years

Winner: Andy Elias - Reflections of Virgina E. Clemm

Highly Commended: Oliver Macalister - I am AI 217

Commended: Angelina Mei - Desperate

14 years

Winner: Catherine Grice - Bak Skylene

Highly Commended: Jimin Jeon - Untitled

Commended: Adrita Saha - Afterglow

13 years

Winner: Anthony Li - Instant Noodles

Highly Commended: Amelie Elias - What a View

Commended: Thehashi Upsara Gunawardene - Between Two Skies

11-12 years

Winner: Angus Koch - Dewdrops

Highly Commended: Chloe Lu - Beyond the Looking Glass

Commended: Elaine Chen - The Cup of Tea