Marine learning at the Coal Loader

Display boards showing information and pictures of marine life outside on a concrete harbourside platform on a sunny day

A marine education display, Seabirds to Seascapes, has arrived on the upper platform at the Coal Loader.

The Coal Loader will be home to the piece, created by the NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, for the next 6 to 12 months.

Seabirds to Seascapes is a NSW Government multi-agency project aiming to improve ecosystem health and support important marine wildlife. It has three key parts:

  1. Project Restore – restoration of Sydney Harbour seascapes by installing Living Seawalls and replanting sea grasses and kelp
  2. Penguin census – counting little penguins and monitoring breeding colonies and their foraging behaviours along the NSW coast
  3. Seal survey – monitoring Australian and New Zealand fur seal populations in NSW

The educational display invites visitors to the Coal Loader to learn more about the stunning marine environment you are standing right in front of, and how you can help protect it.

Come down and have a look.

Published: 3 July 2024