Trees for Newborns program

If you’re a parent of a newborn, or expecting one soon, and live in the North Sydney local government area, you’re eligible for a free tree from Council delivered to your door at no cost.

Plant your tree in your garden to celebrate your new arrival, and you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.

Request a tree

The Trees for Newborns program aims to increase the total tree canopy cover in the North Sydney local government area. Since 2008, canopy cover has declined by 11.7 percent due to increased infrastructure projects and urban development. Council data shows that the biggest decline has been on private land.

Our aim is to increase total canopy cover to 34.4 percent – but we need your help by planting trees on your own private property.

When you submit a request for a tree, you can choose from:

  • exotic species, such as a Jacaranda
  • native species with big crowns, such as Eucalypts
  • native species with small crowns, such as Banksias

Council will trial the Trees for Newborns program for 12 months.

yellow and green leaves on a branch

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