Planting trees guide

Private land makes up 58% of the total land area in the North Sydney local government area so what is planted on private property makes a significant contribution to the overall character and lifestyle quality of our suburbs. When you plant a tree, you are providing benefits to your whole community.

Species selection and tree placement are the two most important decisions when planting trees. Trees are very long-lived organisms. It can take a tree decades to reach maturity, but poor species selection or careless positioning can result in all those years being wasted. The best "return on investment" is achieved by planting the largest growing, longest-lived species that will successfully grow in the chosen location.

Can I plant a tree on the verge outside my property?

You are NOT allowed to plant trees on public land. If you would like a tree, contact Council and an arborist will inspect the proposed planting site. If suitable, Council will schedule the planting of a new tree.

Contact Council