Household waste information

Rubbish is collected from the red and yellow lid bins Monday to Friday mornings from 5.30am. Check the bin collection day for your area on the right side of this page.

Put your bins out the night before, near the kerb, where it doesn't block footpaths, driveways or road access.

For bin replacement and missed service collections, please call the waste hotline - 1300 799 019.


Red bin*

General waste service is one 80-litre red-lid bin per week for each residential premises and one 240-litre bin per three units in a shared complex.

  • If you’re a new owner, confirm your new waste charges correspond with the bin you're using in your new home by reviewing your rates notice.
  • There’s a strict limit to the number of waste bins or wheelie bins that each property is entitled to have emptied.    
  • Cardboard boxes, rubbish bags or any other waste receptacles other than the approved bin for a house or unit will not be emptied.
  • Any bin that’s in a condition likely to cause injury will not be emptied.
  • We recommend you number your waste bins clearly to avoid a charge for someone else's extra garbage.
  • For excess waste bins, purchase bins from recommended bin wholesalers, such as Environmental Bin Sales, Sulo or Mastec.

Yellow bin*

Co-mingled recycling service is one 140-litre yellow-lid bin per week for each property.

Ensure containers are clean, dry and empty. Remove lids from bottles and jars, and flatten cardboard boxes. No plastic bags.

Accepted items:

  • glass bottles and jars
  • newspapers
  • plastic bottles and jars (remove lids)
  • empty pizza boxes
  • milk and juice cartons
  • aluminium cans/steel cans/empty aerosol cans
  • paper and cardboard
  • empty plastic containers.

Items not accepted:

  • clothing/textiles
  • nappies
  • food waste
  • light globes
  • plastic bags/soft plastic
  • polystyrene packaging and meat trays
  • paper towels/tissue
  • crockery/ceramic plates/ovenware
  • timber palings.

Where the waste goes

* Council contracts this service to URM. To facilitate this service your personal details may be provided to URM who are bound by Council's privacy obligations.

Domestic Waste Management Charge (DWMC)

Every property (excluding pensioners) pays a DWMC which provides for standard bins and their collection service. 

Included in the DWMC:

  • 1 x 80L general waste bin with red lid (unit blocks can combine their waste to get a 240L red-lid bin to accommodate 3 units)
  • 1 x 140L recycling bin with yellow lid
  • fortnightly pre-booked collection of garden (green) waste.

Visit our fees and charges and search ‘domestic waste’.

Not included in the DWMC:

  • green waste bin – purchase via online form
  • excess waste sized bins – 120L and 240L must be purchased by residents.

Bin collection days

Find out what day your red and yellow bins will be collected.

Find my bin day

How do I recycle this?

Ever wonder what to do with those tricky-to-recycle items, like light globes and batteries? Check out our A-Z recycling directory.

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