DA Enquiries & Meetings

Planning Enquiry

Council offers a number of avenues for assistance with your planning matters.

In the initial stages of any project it is always good to get advice before moving forward with your proposal.

We suggest that if you have some preliminary drawings or photos, and are ready to discuss, then use our planning enquiry form and attach any supporting information:

Online Form: Planning Enquiry


Otherwise, then meet with one of our Planning Advisors in a free Planning meeting below.

Planning Advisors advise you about controls applying to your property (for example, whether you can add a second storey, or whether your property is heritage-listed), and the process of applying for Council approval to carry out the work.

If you go ahead with additions, Council will require applications to be lodged which are accompanied by plans and details of the work. We recommend that these are prepared by a person who is qualified to do them (eg. an architect, structural engineer or builder) and familiar with the Council's planning controls.

Read about our LEP 2013 and our DCP 2013.

Once the application is lodged with Council, you can track its progress online, go to: DA Application Tracking.


Planning Meetings

During your enquiry, if the matter is more complex, we may suggest a free planning advisor meeting. If you are scheduled a meeting then we suggest you contact your builder or architect first and bring details of the proposals to the meeting. Informal half hour meetings are held on Wednesdays, ring 9936 8100.

Wednesday morning meeting available times:





Wednesday afternoon meeting available times:





When booking a meeting please provide the following:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • Whether you would like a virtual or in person meeting.
  • Address of property/details of topic of discussion.
  • If you have any plans, sketches etc, please submit available plans at least one (1) week prior to your meeting to allow them to be reviewed.

(Nb: no planning advisors are available from Christmas until early January.)


Assessment Officers

Assessment Officers can be contacted for a chat on 9936 8100, Monday to Friday, 9.30-11am.

Council's service level is to return all calls within one business day.


Planning Controls

This video outlines planning controls at North Sydney Council.

Lobbying and Lobbyist Register

Professional lobbyists who want to lobby Council on behalf of their clients, perhaps in relation to a DA, must register with Council. The register is designed to ensure that all contact between lobbyists and Council is transparent, please refer to our webpage here.