Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is a document that seeks to amend Council’s planning controls.

Such planning controls are contained in the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and are intended to manage urban growth and the impact of new development. They include matters such as zoning restrictions, heritage controls, height limits and other controls.

The preparation of a Planning Proposal is the first step in the process of amending an LEP.

Council is ultimately responsible for Planning Proposals and must be satisfied with their content. All planning proposals should be prepared in accordance with the Dept of Planning and Environment (DPE) Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals. If Council is of the opinion that the proposed amendment to the LEP can be supported, the proposal will be forwarded to the DPE for the next step in the process, being the gateway determination.

Should gateway determination be issued by the DPE, Planning Proposals are then publicly exhibited to seek community and stakeholder input.


Pre Planning Proposal Meeting (fees apply)

We strongly recommended that a meeting be held with our Strategic Planning staff prior to lodgement of all Planning Proposals. Such meetings give potential applicants the opportunity to clarify planning issues and processes. The pre-application service is available to ALL applicants and ALL meetings attract a fee (see form below for details). Similarly, this also applies to pre-DA meetings.

The appropriate staff will attend meetings as required and Minutes of the meeting will be prepared and referred to the applicant. Please contact Council (ph 9936 8100) before lodging your meeting request to determine the appropriate level of service required.

Pre Application meeting form (149KB)

Planning Proposal form (291KB) (incl. fees)


Planning Proposals

View the proposals and other docs using the links below.

Or they may be found like this 'PP 6/17' or '9/2017/6'  and street names may be found like this 'Walker' or '176 Walker'.

Note: proposals go through an internal Council assessment process before being referred to the Dept of Planning and Environment, before public consultation occurs, and for this reason, you may see Planning Proposals in this tracking system that have not yet been notified in your local area.


Planning Proposals - lodged

PP 4/18 601 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065

PP 3/18 50-56 Atchison St St Leonards NSW 2065


Planning Proposals - reported to Council

PP 1/18 23-25 Atchison St St Leonards NSW 2065


Planning Proposals - Subject to Rezoning Review

PP 4/17 41 McLaren St North Sydney NSW 2060 (awaiting Gateway Determination)

PP 5/17 173-179 Walker St North Sydney NSW 2060 (refused)


Planning Proposals - on exhibition

PP 6/16 100 Christie St St Leonards NSW 2065


Planning Proposals - exhibition closed

PP 2/17 North Sydney Centre

PP 1/17 617-621 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065

PP 7/15 575 - 597 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065


Planning Proposals - current & archive

Submitted - this year

Submitted in 2017

Submitted in 2016

Submitted in 2015