Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is a document that seeks to amend the planning controls within Council's Local Environmental Plan (LEP), which aims to manage urban growth and the impact of new development.

The LEP includes controls relating to matters such as land use restrictions (zoning), heritage, height and other land use and development controls.

The preparation of a Planning Proposal is the first step in the process of amending an LEP.

Council is ultimately responsible for Planning Proposals and must be satisfied with their content.

All Planning Proposals must be prepared in accordance with the DPE's LEP Making Guideline.

If Council is of the opinion that the proposed amendment to the LEP can be supported, the proposal will be forwarded to the DPE for the next step in the process, being a Gateway Determination. Should Gateway Determination be issued by the DPE, Planning Proposals are then publicly exhibited to seek community and stakeholder input.


Planning Proposals video

This 2022 video below explains what a Planning Proposal is, with further information in the Q&A summary (293KB).

Note: An abridged version of the video is also available.