Regulations for Specific Businesses incl Food
Information for running specific businesses, including food businesses.

There are some businesses which for various reasons related to the activities they undertake must be registered with Council. Below are guidelines affecting the normal operations of those businesses. North Sydney Council is always happy to discuss the registration process and ways in which we can facilitate successful business.

Liquor Licensed Premises

What is a license, how do you get one, how does it relate to Council, find out here.

Food business

An overview of guidelines for food business and other relevant information.

Skin Penetration Premises

Council keeps a register of all businesses that do skin penetration procedures.

Commercial Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

Council keeps a register of all commercial premises with a swimming pool and/or spa pool.

Dry Cleaners

Information on licences, regulations and permits for dry cleaners.

Auditing of Commercial Premises

New strategies to improve environmental performance across a variety of business sectors.